So many things to do, so little time?

Grogu – Star Wars

“Procrastination be thy name, or at least that could easily be my name” Gun Roswell 

So many things to do, so little time?

There is always something on the to do list, that something or actually many such things, which seem to forever exist, remaining undone for a any kind of reason or just the one, which could easily be as excused with the lack of time. Alas, the simplest answer is incorrect because there totally is something I need to confess. The reason behind not completing these many tasks, which constantly are haunting on that damned list from the distant past is quite simple and nothing to make me at least laugh, as the ugly truth finally is revealed, I am feeling no less healed. But here goes, as I am trying some truth here unfold. So, the reason as to why some of the tasks on my eternal todo list always remain undone, is this. I really, really don’t want to do them. I am sick and tired and completely fed up to the hilt of having all kinds of chores waiting for me whenever there is even one single slot of any kind of free time left from the regular daily grind. I simply want some slack time and maybe after when I’m feeling fine, I can try, to finish the list!?

Some kind of Winter weather

“There is always some kind of weather going on out there in the world wide” Gun Roswell

Some kind of Winter weather

The actual chance of stepping outside and not getting any kind of atmospheric reaction at all, well, those odds, unless you plan to go to the Moon are practically zero as whenever you get out there, there is always some kind of weather going on, that is the one constant when living on this blue globe of a planet and so, we get to totally enjoy so many facets of the phenomena called weather, surmise surprise!

And so, on this day of writing about this marvellous invention, which keeps us mere dwellers on our toes, daily I might add, as during the seasonal changes, when earlier we had four, now it seems we have several more, like the between seasons going on. And now, as it seems to be winter, even during this time, we get so many fun events, starting from freezing cold up and to some warm green kind of summer-winter whatever might down fall.

Snow, that has been the one constant during this time, the soft and nice flakes falling down, and then on the next day, the heavy rain filled sleet, which everywhere seeps, until the very next day it will all turn around and slippery will be the streets and slopes all around! So, there is really no bore ever this time around as whether it is winter, it is not the traditional kind of splinter, as sometimes, the sun comes around and then, the green grass is once again visible until it snow again!

This is all certainly a fun filled merry-go-round to say the least and well, one cannot really complain, as it is simply, weather, as forecast!

Aliens ate my tarts

aliens ate my tarts

“Baking some nice pastries, for the sweet tooth on a Saturday noon, then finding out, how those turned out in the oven, is a whole other matter“ Gun Roswell

Aliens ate my tarts

When the hunger for something sweet beckons, and to the freezer beckons, searching for some ingredients to whip up something real quick, before getting totally sick and delirious when the craving gets too much and such so then, finally finding some old and thankfully not yet mouldy supplies, putting them to getter for a few sweet pies. Shoving the lot into the oven and hoping the heck something of them coming out, a tasty treat for me to snack on, and in no time at all, the ding of the clock, indicating it is done, and so, it’s only a matter of moments before the treats are good and ready to eat.

Turning my back for mere moments, just enough time to make some coffee to go along with it and then ready with the dark liquid to pick up those sweet treats and what do I find? All of them gone, gone, gone! Nothing left except the face like a calling card of sorts. And when I looked at it I could clearly see, as to whom was the thief of my supposed tasty treats – Those darned aliens! They damned well ate all my sweet tarts!

The cat and the selfie snap

”The cats like to destroy things, at least those that are on their way, when they over the tabletops stray, or at least asin their opinion, redecorating” Gun Roswell 

The cat and the selfie snap

The cats are cool with most things, and posing for pictures is certainly their thing, as natural are they, with a swagger and then the pose, at the moment of their choice, they will make the perfect models and then it’s full throttle so better keep that camera shutter clicking, and those flashlights flickering as the cat once started to pose, ain’t gonna stop until something completely different, catches its attention in most likely an instance. So, better keep on clicking away, and get those pictures without delay, and onto that social media account them display as many likes they are likely to repay. Both of you happy from the opportunity of a photo shoot as the loot, for the cat should be, some nam-names as a treat. One thing is for sure, that if the cat itself could, control a device such as a phone, they would be most likely snapping selfies each and ever day. Causing scenes wherever they go and then snapping those proud duckface selfies all along the way.

Ode, to my very own Wellingtons (yes, it’s that time of the year again!)

rain boots 4

“I may be an optimist, but I always pack my wellies”

Ode, to my very own Wellingtons

You beautiful lovelies
My sweet red Wellingtons
Luckily I wasn’t swayed
By those tempting sandals
I would have been betrayed
When the rain came pouring down
Hopeless without my crown
Puddles all over the ground
No safe harbour to be found
Taking a small step
Anticipating the get wet
But to my surprise
You saved my life!

Love, Cat, Fat, Cat

“Growing old together, or at least, growing up together? Matter of an opinion perhaps? But growing fat together, now that is really something!” Gun Roswell

Love, cat, fat, cat

The two small kittens, wandered to this specific position, on the map that is, making their home with the Hooman who could not ignore, the perfect slim and tiny baby cats, who simply needed someone to look after. So, welcoming them duo with open arms, was most likely a move smart.

Years then passed and the two tiny kittens grew, really fast. Bouncing around the place, the house and the yard, where they usually stayed, but mostly inside, eating whatever their Hooman keepers would the two bouncy, playful and very lively duo of cats provide.

It was fine for plenty of years, playing, amusing where needed and hunting mice, well, sort of, as there weren’t that many really around. Then curling up in the lap of the Hooman, making them feel needed and totally wanted, because yes, those cats were oh so smart!

So, a few more years passed, and as the once thin and slim kitty cats bounced all around, started to slow down, their essence as their minds, grew rather wide. Fat someone might say, but hey, maybe the bones inside grew too. But that was not the point, to complain about the fat and the achy joints, rather the fact, that these two, grew together to the ripe old age they were now.

I, can drive my car?

drive my car

“Get it, sit in it, listen to music in it, meditate in it, or simply take it out for a spin!” Gun Roswell

I, Can Drive My Car?

Setting the scene
Pedal to the metal
Nerves unsettled
Giving it some gas
A little more for the blast
Overheating the machine

The engine is revving
Feels like heaven
Seeing is believing
The stress finally relieving
All the senses perceiving

No time to scoff
No time to fear
The moment is here
The road ahead, clear
Blast off!

Baby I can drive my car
Even though I’m not a star
Still I’m getting very far
Performance getting up to par
And maybe I love you babe

Bitch Ever So Perfect

“I am not trying to give an image of a fairytale, perfect, everything else, I am just being myself” Rebecca Loos

Bitch Ever So Perfect

Call me the perfect bitch
Or just the worst one you can find
I may be a broom-less witch
But still the best of my kind

You may find me..

Taking flight
In the darkest of night
Or just taking a bus
In the early morning rush

You may see me…

Dancing naked in the pouring rain
Celebrating life to the fullest
Or just having a beer in a dive bar stained
Being one of the people dullest

You may catch me…

Casting the mightiest of spells
Cursing and not giving a damn
Or just talking to my mom on the cell
Just because, I can

Now you may see me…

In a new aspect
As a bitch perfect
Because that is who I am
Just because, I can

What the hell is wrong with you today?

“What the hell is wrong with you? 

– Don’t you just hate that question popping up more frequently than usual?
And it’s not always others asking either ;P “ Gun Roswell

What the hell is wrong with you today?

Well, it could be many things actually, so thanks for asking!
Then again, I don’t really think you want to know the truthful answer as you may not like what you are hearing.

But what if it was a simple explanation? Like a feeling being hurt or even a physical injury aching?
Then that would make you happy right? 
Getting a simple quick answer for the upside down frown and my antisocial behaviour and my many strings of curse words thrown out there in the air?

But, as I turn to look deep inside of me, trying so totally hard to look for that perfect and simple answer? Guess what, I cannot find one! Surprise!

It can be a combination of many things, as usually it is nothing specific, rather just a trigger which sets off the very fowl mood and the off behaviour.
Because there really is no one thing to find, not for me at least, as sometimes, I just feel, well, off and odd and all those things which makes someone shout at me: 

“What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Best bet when that happens? When I turn to the dark side?
Well, leave me be in my misery. I will venture outside eventually.