The odds and ends of nature

“There are things you see and others you find, in the vastness of nature, some more belonging there, than others ;)” Gun Roswell

The odds and ends of nature

Discovered, in the gorgeous scenic scenes in the lush green forest
The summer soon over and left behind but one leaf
Now discarded, on the side, on the pavement, of a busy street
The colours soon fading, but not until there is some staining
A reminder of nature, on the side of the slap of concrete

But then, also discovered, something totally odd and out of place
A shopping cart, right smack in the middle of a stack of leaves it lays
Was it the bears or elks, whom decided they needed to run a beer run instead?
Of drinking from the clear flowing creeks and some new experience to seek
Or maybe, some over the top squirrels, running amok in the shop, just for the thrills

Whomever it was, and whatever they did
The odds and ends of nature, never dull for one single bit!

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