Not this again!!!

“Same ol’ stuff pouring down from the skies, clear, white, no difference, it’s all the same” Gun Roswall

Not this again!!!

Early in the morning, waking up, with a bad feeling
Just like the proverbial Yoda, as I am having those premonitions
Of bad things happening and without hesitation
I jump out of the bed, and instead
Of heading to get some warm coffee, I open the curtains, then scoffing
Yes, indeed, a bad feeling, as I’ve seen
The white covering all of the land, not even a wave of my hand
Can make it disappear, as just like Harry Potter, I try to appear
But like all my fellow souls, I am doomed, of this weather gloomy
And not even a shooting star, so, so very far
Can make my wish, of a warm summer breeze
Happen, in the here, and now, I may be just having, the ultimate cow
Winter, has finally, arrived
And you do not see me, doing any kind of dance involving a jive

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