What a waste!

“Time’s a wasting (while working)” Gun Roswell

What a waste!

When the daily plans
Are not going well, you’re in a jam
So much time is wasted
Simply, for tall that part when hesitated
Well, actually and in reality
The waste was done during the whole daya
When all the energy was drained away
Spending so much of it all
On trying to keep the rolling ball
Of the mundane task nobody cares
Just so you can take your share
Of the needed payment of the bread
While wishing you had stayed home instead
Done all those nice things you wanted
Instead of the precious hours squandered
On just this thing called work
Which mostly is just not any kind of perk
And now it’s already dark and eve
So, cannot myself with anything please
Oh well, best get off to bed
Since soon it will be the new morning dread
And back to the coal mines to work
Oh, when oh when did I become
This utter and total corporate jerk!

Trying on a Ride

“Too many vehicles, too many choices” Gun Roswell

Trying on a Ride

When the itcing to take a long ride
Takes on, but then it’s so hard to decide
Which option, would be the absolute best
Better just pick up one, really quickly, and forget the rest

Heading to the crowded streets
This really never is, what I seek
The open roads, the sun on my back
That is the image, which is painted on my back

Steering clear of the city limits
I know, it took a few and some more, of them gimmicks
But soon enough the highway is in sight
And my poor little scooter, is finally taking flight!

Reaching for the Stars

“Ever higher, even up to the stars and beyond, I am gone!” Gun Roswell

Reaching for the Stars

I am on my tippy toes
In this constant state of woes
I am reaching as far as I can
Not caring where I land
My fingers pointed towards the skies
Even as far as the crows fly
But I have to reach even farther
Just beyond and then barter
My way on a star ship headed
For the stars and even beyond
There is no limit when I will be gone
Trying so hard to reach
Just over, each and every single breach
Hoping not to stumble
Trying to be so humble
And then finally I am there
Floating, in mid air!

Boating Friday

“When Friday arrives, we’ll get on with the jives and then out there, on a boat fly” Gun Roswell

Boating Friday

When the waters are us beckoning
With their crystal clears and totally blues
There is no point in resisting
Just put on some casuals and also the mood
It’s the end of the working week for some
And that always means, a lot of Friday fun
As in to the harbour’s hustle and bustle
We are steering ourselves with working muscles
Soon the boats are filled with passengers
All of us, who are here for the adventures
Well, at least for a day or two
Because usually it happens, really soon
That Monday is at the doorstep awaiting
And for us that means no second, no hesitating
Alas, let’s enjoy the forty-eight hours or so
Before back to the dread we must go

A Trip to Paris (three)

“When in Paris, the good times cherish”
Gun Roswell

A Trip to Paris

Take a ride around the town
Many a choices for a vehicle can be found
A bike ride safe and most simple
But with a hot car, your face may get more dimples
Down under, there are many a wonder
When riding the public transit, in a metro most fancy
Or maybe you prefer a blast from the past
In a pink car oh so very fast

A Trip to Paris (two)

“When in Paris, the good times cherish”
Gun Roswell

A Trip to Paris

Odds and ends in this city you will find
People, objects, art and places to unwind
Although, my trip very short and well timed

I will try to see it all and keep it in my mind
With my camera ready and aligned
Now it’s just a matter to step into the grind