Boating Friday

“When Friday arrives, we’ll get on with the jives and then out there, on a boat fly” Gun Roswell

Boating Friday

When the waters are us beckoning
With their crystal clears and totally blues
There is no point in resisting
Just put on some casuals and also the mood
It’s the end of the working week for some
And that always means, a lot of Friday fun
As in to the harbour’s hustle and bustle
We are steering ourselves with working muscles
Soon the boats are filled with passengers
All of us, who are here for the adventures
Well, at least for a day or two
Because usually it happens, really soon
That Monday is at the doorstep awaiting
And for us that means no second, no hesitating
Alas, let’s enjoy the forty-eight hours or so
Before back to the dread we must go

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