Hell just might be empty, with all them devils running amok in here!

“Things, affairs, all of it, might be wrong, a lot of them are, but, giving up hope, was never an option, never part of the grand plan either. Was it?“ Gun Roswell

Hell just might be empty, with all them devils running amok in here!

“It’s hell out there! Surely we had some time to spare before it was about to happen I swear!” Someone exclaimed having taken a spun around the neighbourhood, having found it no fun at all.

“Have you seen the latest news?” Another one asked confused of the times. “It’s murder and mayhem for sure and that is the awful truth!”

“I don’t leave my house anymore. Just because it’s such a chore.” The third one chimed, certainly they were not feeling so fine. “Putting all them gear on, the armour or whatnot, just to feel safe and even then you cannot be sure.”

“The kids are all home schooled now, not that its of any use. Them all hanging on their game girls and fun stations, twatting about it all on the internets of things. Such misuse of the time. All of it wasted for sure. But the lure of it all is too much to ignore.” The mum from across the street shouted from the open window, never ever daring to leave her home.

“Truly is sad all of it. In the olden days, well, everything was so much sunnier, funnier, lighter and brighter. And now, it’s all such shades of greys.” A not so old person retorted to the others, from a safe distance but of course.

“Yeah, hell has certainly arrived to our small corner of the world. Then again, what did we expect with all them devils running around in our streets. But we did invite them here didn’t we?” And with that there was no rhyme to be seen, simply a comment of how things had turned out to be.

Phone home now, or call Dr Who!

“That’s not a telephone box! That, is a Tardis from the tv show, you know the timer traveling doc one!” Gun Roswell 

Phone home now, or call Dr Who!

The two archaic yet gorgeous monuments still standing tall, on the street corner there by that building available for the big and small, lasting us all. from the past till the very beyond…


What’s it called? 

A muu-seuum of sorts? 


Yeah and those two glass boxes with a steel frame? 

Right there in front? 

Something I heard were used to cater to people making telephone calls around the very clock? 

Those kind of retro thingies of sorts, you know insert a coin to phone home or then make it collect for mama to pay?

Well, heck no!

Those kind of boxes are props!

They are imaginary and used in movies or tv!

You see!?

It’s the exact same box, which that one Doc, you know the one on the famous tv show?


What are you ignorant?

Everyone knows the Doctor.

Doctor Who.

Oh yeah!

In know that one, great show!

And I remember the box too.

But wasn’t it blue?


Red, blue, green!

You cannot make a call in one of those so forget about it!

Look down!

“Watch out for the ledge, you might just fall, down!?” Gun Roswell

Look down!

Quick, look down!
Look down right now
Now, you see it?

It? What is it you mean?
Do you mean the ocean?
Ocean as blue as the sky?

The sky, so very high
High as is this drop down
Down, way down to the bottom

The bottom of the pit
The pit, which in you fall
Fall, and never up crawl

Crawl as hard as you may
May you forever down there stay
Stay until the rapture

The rapture?
What if the rapture is something nice?
Nice, as a slice of pie?

A pie you can enjoy
Enjoy just like this pit
This pit, where I now sit

Sit until the end
The end of times
Times which are so great

Great as the ocean wide
Wide as this beach here
Here in the pit
The pit, where I now sit

I see what you are trying to pull
Pull it real hard, as I am no fool
Fool enough though, to sink

Sink to the very pit
The pit which in you now sit
Sit together we will
Until the end of times

Give and Take for TBT

“In a deal, you give and take. You compromise. Then you grab the cash and catch the next train out of town” Irving Paul Lazar

Give and Take

I told you so, but you never listen!

A “conversation” between two people about everything and nothing as it may have happened.

“You are so thick headed aren’t you!”

“So I’m the one who is the bad guy again, huh?”

“Well you are. There is no arguing about that!”

“So you are blaming me about everything that has gone wrong?”

“Yes, what’s your point?”

“No point. It’s hilarious! You are hilarious!”

“So now you are saying I’m a joke? Is that it?”

“No, I said you must be joking.”

“That’s not what I heard.”

“Then there must be something wrong with your hearing.”

“So now you are complaining about my ability to understand you!”

“No, I said you understand things in your own way.”

“Are you calling me stupid? If you are I will show you stupid…!”

“Good grief! Read my lips: You are stubborn!”

“Just because I hear and understand something differently than you, that makes me stubborn?”

“Potato, tomato!”

“Are you mocking me?”


“It sure sounded like you were.”

“You heard me wrong then!”

“Again with the hearing! I am not deaf you know!”

“What was the point?”

“What point?”

“Why are we arguing?”

“I dunno. The weather is not so good today?”

“No it’s not. The forecast promised sunshine tomorrow though.”

“Sounds good.”



“Ok then!”



Sometimes an argument is just that. The words are not important. The point of it is, there was no point to begin with. A bad day can cause feelings to run amuck. Venting with someone you trust and then forgetting about it is cathartic.


The Gun Rap

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“When in Rhyme do as the Rhymers do”

The Gun Rap

My name is Gun
I am a lot of fun
Some call me ‘Nilla
I am here to chilla

Here are some facts
Seven to be exact
Guess that is the most
You’ll find about this host

I am a wannabe writer
And maybe a little brighter
Than you might think
While you let that sink

I will continue my rant
In the form of this chant
Even though I really can’t
Sing, dance or ant?

“What? Ant? That is not a verb!”
“I was trying to rhyme -erb”
“If you can’t rhyme, stay out of the kitchen”
“Why are you so bitchen?”
“Enough with the rhyme!”
“Fine! Now gimme a dime and lets get back to the rap!”

The three letters
Best defining my efforts
Photography, Poetry
And P…

“Oops, can’t say that out loud on television <smirks>!”
“We’re not on television! This is a written blog you dumbass!”
“Hey, you said ass! That is mighty sass of you!”
“Argh! I give up!”
“Great, now back to the rap!”

Well, the last of the three
Is for me to know and for thee
To find out
Oh, do not pout!

I am a non-smoker
And I like to play poker
No just kidding
Seemed more fitting

Now to end this rap
I had to fill the gap
And already told you more
Than I intended for


gun bw

Seat Sunday in Kos Island (Three)

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Seat Sunday in Kos Island

“A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?” Albert Einstein

Carpet Seat

“Oh look at that carpet in the window:
It looks stuck in a colour overload limbo!”

“Well, have you ever!
A carpet on the seat?
It’s like we are hexed!
What will be next?
Carpets replacing sheet?
Pillows on the floor?
A toilet next to the outdoor?”

seat 2

August Days in Espoo for Daily Photo (Nine)

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August Days in Espoo for Daily Photo

“August, the summer’s last messenger of misery, is a hollow actor” Henry Rollins


“Can you hear my voice?”
It asked

“Listen to my voice”
It continued

“Walk towards my voice”
It beckoned

Finally, standing there in front of the wall, with a can of spray in my hand, I had made my statement

“I hear a voice”


World Wide Wednesday in Cyprus : Seven

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World Wide Wednesday in Cyprus

“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey.” – Babs Hoffman


“Pots, pans,
Kettles and pans
Toys and dolls
Step right in:
We have them all!”


World Wide Wednesday in Cyprus : Five

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World Wide Wednesday in Cyprus

“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey.” – Babs Hoffman


“Let’s go sailing,
They said
You’ll have a blast
They said”

Over the railing
How long this trip
Will last!


World Wide Wednesday in Cyprus : Three

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World Wide Wednesday in Cyprus

“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey.” – Babs Hoffman


“She sells
By the

“He yelled,
A few hotels
Rung their bells
By the