Hell just might be empty, with all them devils running amok in here!

“Things, affairs, all of it, might be wrong, a lot of them are, but, giving up hope, was never an option, never part of the grand plan either. Was it?“ Gun Roswell

Hell just might be empty, with all them devils running amok in here!

“It’s hell out there! Surely we had some time to spare before it was about to happen I swear!” Someone exclaimed having taken a spun around the neighbourhood, having found it no fun at all.

“Have you seen the latest news?” Another one asked confused of the times. “It’s murder and mayhem for sure and that is the awful truth!”

“I don’t leave my house anymore. Just because it’s such a chore.” The third one chimed, certainly they were not feeling so fine. “Putting all them gear on, the armour or whatnot, just to feel safe and even then you cannot be sure.”

“The kids are all home schooled now, not that its of any use. Them all hanging on their game girls and fun stations, twatting about it all on the internets of things. Such misuse of the time. All of it wasted for sure. But the lure of it all is too much to ignore.” The mum from across the street shouted from the open window, never ever daring to leave her home.

“Truly is sad all of it. In the olden days, well, everything was so much sunnier, funnier, lighter and brighter. And now, it’s all such shades of greys.” A not so old person retorted to the others, from a safe distance but of course.

“Yeah, hell has certainly arrived to our small corner of the world. Then again, what did we expect with all them devils running around in our streets. But we did invite them here didn’t we?” And with that there was no rhyme to be seen, simply a comment of how things had turned out to be.

4 thoughts on “Hell just might be empty, with all them devils running amok in here!

  1. We are in Hell.
    A man named Eggleston developed a camera in early 90’s that could see even the slightest amount of heat (Infra red). Watching a video he exhibited his new camera with, looking at a person, we could see that a body which is viewed in highly sensitive Infra Red, looks to be in Flames.

    I knew then when I saw this that we are in ‘Hell’. And that is okay with me. When I recycle again, I may choose to come back here again, just for the experience and ‘Fun’ of it.

    In the Spiritual Body, we do not ‘FEEL” things the way we feel them here. The Earth is a much sought out place to be for a Spirit to recycle to and the waiting list is long.

    This is why I always say ‘I bought the E ticket’ when I came back this life cycle. Back in my early times Disney World was just getting started and there were various tickets we could purchase A B C D E according to how much we wanted to spend. The lower the ticket price, the less you were able to access.

    The E ticket encompassed every ride Disney World had to offer then.
    I bough the E ticket this Life Timeline.

    I really miss a Female in my past. I think of her practically every day. She is married still, I guess. She has kid(s). I have Always Loved her No matter What. (Same thing I have always said and say to my Family which she was at one time) Our one connection is my Daughter who is Poison for anything her and I could have still, if possible. My daughter is jealous more than anything.
    I wish she would call me and hide her number. I would Gladly accept her into my life if that was her desire also.
    I am looking for a Lover and Business Partner for the rest of my life. Big Plans ahead. One way or another. I still have 20 good years left. Time enough to see the next child (not pregnant yet, waiting for my next Lover) out of High school.

    Sorry, I just had to get that off of my chest.
    Keep up the Good progression you are making with your Writings. Please continue on your positive path Always giving Thanks for ALL things.
    Read my Facebook wall. I previously gave you a link. Thank You.

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  2. Hell is, everywhere these days, but, we are still, all here, living in the, planet, and all we can do, is to, live our lives, one day at a, time, and hope and pray that, we will, get out of these hells we’re, stuck in now, soon…

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