Fiery, but oh so good

“They might taste good and you know they should, but after even a small bite, you can easily light up a great big bon fire!” Gun Roswell

Fiery, but oh so good

The multicoloured itty bitty, small and shiny things

Those oh so juicy and totally delicious bling-blings

But rather the ones consumable and edible kinds

Which in the store’s produce section you’ll easily find

Those many a colours and shapes will make you smile

But be ware, as their lure is rater good

Still caution use, while even a small bite consumed

As they are fiery little things, which rather than making you sing

Fire breathing you will yourself soon enough find

Like a dragon from an old fairy tale or similar sort of a kind

Will you then utterly and totally become!

From salad to strawberries

“The food while somewhere travelling, can be a highlight of the trip, at least, when it’s fresh and nicely displayed” Gun Roswell

From salad to strawberries

The smells, sounds and sights of the various foods sizzling ever so bright, hoping the tastes will become equal to such, as feeling peckish and wanting to have some, because this was part of the plan of the trip to a foreign land, to sample the cuisine, the excellent dishes, because I suspect there are no real misses, as to the palette so extreme, that most will be delicious, especially those made out of fresh produce.

From salad, the appetiser of the actual dish, as some think, while others simply enjoy their large portion of a plate, with all kinds of funky things added, some just for display, but trying all of it just the same, gobbling it all up, before the desert will arrive, from the plentiful bounty, and as it all looked too fine, it was so hard to chose, from the selection of divine, but, as soon as it was brought to table, those red juicy berries, could not wait to sample one, two, and more, yes, indeed, I had scored!

Chocolate is The Answer, Who Cares What the Question is! (TBT)

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“There are four basic food groups: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and chocolate truffles” ~Author Unknown

Chocolate is The Answer, Who Cares What the Question is!

You may be iconic
But also diabolic
It’s quite symbolic
To call me a ‘holic
But still I frolic
When I get glycogenic

Pining for your taste
Of the full flavour laced
With truffles
My mouth muffled
When I eat
My favourite treat

My life in dire straits
Would be
Without the traits
You offer me
Oh sweet Chocolate

choco 1

My Little Piece of Heaven (TBT)

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“Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate” Jo Brand

My Little Piece of Heaven


There is just
something about you
I am in lust
And only for you

I am finding it impossible
to stay away
Highly improbable
Anything would keep me at bay

I lost you
I found you


My little bit of Heaven
By sweet sweet
I am up to seven
My one and only treat

My sweet chocolate bar
In a serial package
You didn’t venture too far
When I was tracking


Chocolate Cake (TBT)

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“To have my cake and eat it too?… hm… eat it!”

Chocolate Cake    cake-3

It’s just a cake
Nothing fake
Some sugar and spice 
All the things nicecake-7
And do not forget
The best ingredient
What is it?
What else for a ‘holic
But dark chocolate 


Cookie Jar (Daily Photo)

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“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” ― Ansel Adams

Cookie Jar

Delicious and nutritious
Are the cookies in the jar
But something suspicious
Is also lurking not so far
When the jar is left unwatched
It’s almost like bewitched
A creature of a special kind
A cookie monster you will find


Runeberg torte: In honour of the Finnish poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg (1804–1877)

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Finnish National Anthem

“Our land, our land, our fatherland,
Sound loud, O name of worth!
No mount that meets the heaven’s band.
No hidden vale, no wavewashed strand.
Is loved, as is our native North. Our own forefathers’ earth.

Thy blossom, in the bud laid low,
Yet ripened shall upspring.
See! From our love once more shall grow
Thy light, thy joy, thy hope, thy glow!
And clearer yet one day shall ring The song our land shall sing.”

Johan Ludvig Runeberg


Runeberg torte: In honour of the Finnish poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg (1804–1877)

Runeberg torte is a Finnish pastry flavored with almonds and arrack or rum and it weighs about 100 grams. Raspberry jam inside a sugar ring is commonly placed on top of the tart.

The torte got its name from the Finnish poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg (1804–1877) who, according to legend, enjoyed the torte with punsch for every breakfast. Runeberg tortes are typically eaten only in Finland and are generally available in stores from the beginning of January to Runeberg’s birthday on February 5.


runeberg torte