From salad to strawberries

“The food while somewhere travelling, can be a highlight of the trip, at least, when it’s fresh and nicely displayed” Gun Roswell

From salad to strawberries

The smells, sounds and sights of the various foods sizzling ever so bright, hoping the tastes will become equal to such, as feeling peckish and wanting to have some, because this was part of the plan of the trip to a foreign land, to sample the cuisine, the excellent dishes, because I suspect there are no real misses, as to the palette so extreme, that most will be delicious, especially those made out of fresh produce.

From salad, the appetiser of the actual dish, as some think, while others simply enjoy their large portion of a plate, with all kinds of funky things added, some just for display, but trying all of it just the same, gobbling it all up, before the desert will arrive, from the plentiful bounty, and as it all looked too fine, it was so hard to chose, from the selection of divine, but, as soon as it was brought to table, those red juicy berries, could not wait to sample one, two, and more, yes, indeed, I had scored!

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