Mundane Monday Monochrome

“The Monday, the one day, that can easily be spent, in the colour of Monochrome“ Gun Roswell

Mundane Monday Monochrome

The Monday mood, in grey as per usual, spending time, under the doorway open wide, an archway they say, as past most of them sway, clearly, the news, of this day, today, being a Monday, has not reach their busy minds, but here, regular like clockwork, the chime indicated, it was that time, the start for a week, for those whom something new seek, but the grey overtones, make the day rather bleak, and so, hiding under the archway, is the best bet at least.

But there is beauty in the monochromatic world too, even as seen from below an obstructed view with some kind of a Monday hating attitude, as the vivid shades of greys keep chaining with the time of the day, the lighting, the shadows and all the other whatnots, but most of all, hiding under the way of arching rock, ain’t too bad after the initial shock, as it will be only for the one day, the day of the week, nobody really admits, is the crappiest of them all, but hey, stay low, as tomorrow, will be another Tuesday again.

Sundays filled with sun

“Sundays, yes, those the fun days” Gun Roswell

Sundays filled with sun

Smell the roses, won’t you When you walk out side Pop into a garden, filled with the Colours of nature, trees, flowers

Everything you can imagine just For the visual pleasures of us all Stroll around, see the marvels

Sit on the bench, inhale All the fragrants, your nose could ever Have imagined, feeling peaceful, watching

The butterflies, birds and bees Busy at work, gathering their sustenance, but Your task, is to relax And there is really nothing wrong with that

S is for Sunday

“Something about Sunday that makes me calm” Gun Roswell 

S is for Sunday

The early morning with its light 
Peeks through my covered window 
The time is still before everyone is to rise 
And everything in this house is totally quite

There is no hurry for anything yet
The only thing to do is to reflect
The weeks which is coming to and end
As I lay here on my comfortable bed

Soon another day and week will take over
But this, today, this Sunday still has the power
Of keeping me and myself in the moment 
For a fee hours before it is time to let

The new day, with new things, begin
And the circle thus once again, complete 

Elements of Water

“The elements of nature, can be sometimes harsh, other times, they can be soft, calm and a refreshing balm for this tired, human body” Gun Roswell

Elements of Water

The blue and endless waters with the soft sandy beaches, beckoned this weary traveller, before becoming too bored

The lure of it all, oh so tempting, and before I knew what was happening, I had made my way to the end of the very shore

The waves softly, even gently, splashing, against the solid rocks, the sand so soft beneath my shoes and socks

The nature, with a full knowledge of its certain affect, on this poor soul, as it made me all the way to this gorgeous site venture

And before the day was done, and I had all the possible fun, this place had become my most treasured adventure

Turquoise and the poolside

“The Sunday afternoon is the time for some rest and relaxation for us weary every day people” Gun Roswell 

Turquoise and the poolside

The sun, up high, in the cool blue skies 
Beckoned towards, the turquoise poolside
The calming yet warm breeze 
Of the afternoon, made a tickle of a tease
But at least, the skin, certainly would not freeze
When finally daring to venture outside 
For the first time, in what seemed, a longest while
It had been that kind of year
Where nothing but daily news of fear 
Kept the humble folks behind closed windows and doors
The time where a simplest of activities became a chore
But, now, without sounding like a total bore 
Soon enough this will be all behind and just a lore
To tell those coming behind us the world to explore 
But today, it is time for a life once again claim 
Because nothing ever remains the same 
Except maybe, the calming of the poolside 
On a sunny day, oh so divine 

Sunday, Always On My Mind

“Sunday is so much better than Monday” Gun Roswell

Sunday, Always On My Mind

Why, is Sunday
Always on my mind?
When the working week starts
And Monday feelings smart
I have Sunday on my mind
If Tuesday brings some fun
Until Wednesday things get done
But enter Thursday
A total loose day
And again, I have Sunday on my mind
Finally Friday arrives
My face all in smiles
Feelings of Sunday on the arise
Quickly passes Saturday
My proverbial Caturday
One more night to sleep
In a slumber so deep
Dreaming, of Sunday
The one day
Always, on my mind
Oh universe, please be so kind
And let it always be, Sunday!

Autumn vibes 2

“The vibes of fall are in the air” Gun Roswell

Autumn vibes

Scenic waterside

The waters filled with all kinds of flying creatures
Carefully approached them and they’ll let you in on all their cool features
Swimming acrobatics, splashing the waters, diving for fish
Dancing in unison, grooming one and other, begging for a reward you certainly won’t miss
Row boats with fishers and bench filled onlookers amused bathing
Spotting that one great moment in the seasonal warm weather lazy
Nature, animals and human a like
Are enjoying the moment in this colorful day divine
Autumn’s gift for one more day
To make the best effort of nature before winter makes it’s way

Autumn vibes 1

“The vibes of fall are in the air” Gun Roswell

Autumn vibes


Corn, berries, apples oh my
Fruits and veggies of all of them kind
Autumn harvest is at its best
Now is the time to pick up the best
Pick them, store them, preserve them for later
You will soon too be a very happy eater
Maybe go to the forest for a moment or two
Track down the mushrooms popping out of the blue
Finally prepared with all these nature’s given goodies
And over the winter time you will run smoothly

Day on a Farm 4

“Spending a day, in the fresh open air, this is the life” Gun Roswell

Day on a Farm 4

“This, is the Finnish version of Tardis?
Has anyone seen the Doctor around then?”

“Dr who?”

Yes, Dr Who.”

The question was thrown in the air
Seemed likely and only too fair
After all, a phone booth, in the middle of a field
Who else did you really expect to see?

Day on a Farm 3

“Spending a day, in the fresh open air, this is the life” Gun Roswell

Day on a Farm 3

Great open wide, makes you just wanna smile
Looking at the endless waves of crops, which never seem to stop
Multiple in brand as in colour, and even their sense of odour
This is my stop for the day, and I may even wanna longer stay
Or just maybe, for good