Turquoise and the poolside

“The Sunday afternoon is the time for some rest and relaxation for us weary every day people” Gun Roswell 

Turquoise and the poolside

The sun, up high, in the cool blue skies 
Beckoned towards, the turquoise poolside
The calming yet warm breeze 
Of the afternoon, made a tickle of a tease
But at least, the skin, certainly would not freeze
When finally daring to venture outside 
For the first time, in what seemed, a longest while
It had been that kind of year
Where nothing but daily news of fear 
Kept the humble folks behind closed windows and doors
The time where a simplest of activities became a chore
But, now, without sounding like a total bore 
Soon enough this will be all behind and just a lore
To tell those coming behind us the world to explore 
But today, it is time for a life once again claim 
Because nothing ever remains the same 
Except maybe, the calming of the poolside 
On a sunny day, oh so divine 

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