Village by the seashore

“Settled into a small seaside village, for the weekend at least, what could be more fun than that Gun Roswell 

Village by the seashore

The quite tiny, yet very lively village 
By the calm blues and sandy seashore exists
The every day life to some might seem dull
But the dwellers there, would that argument null
Because the life even without luxury, is very full

The fishing, the shopkeeping and even just being
Is the way or them, and starts early every single morning 
Always a happy smile and a quick hello 
To their neighbours but also complete strangers 
Get the same treatment, without a seconded thought

And, when an errand tourist there might venture 
On a weekend getaway from the daily grind, they might find
That no connection there exists of the internet kind 
And soon enough, even after first huff, that will be really fine 
Because visiting this settlement, turns out to quite the adventure 

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