Secret Hideaways

“Lush greens, do cover so many things, homes even, dwellings for those who don’t want to be seen” Gun Roswell

Secret hideaways

The red coloured houses, would usually indicate a stop sign, an x marks the spot type, to more like come find us, we are here, come see who we are, step inside our house!

But, the colour is well hidden, behind the lush green scenery. Hard to find, even at first glance, the small dwellings, even in the middle of the busy neighbourhood, there really is no reason why pass by you simply could.

Alas, with a careful eye, some of us spy, behind the leaves several well hidden lairs, but, being courteous, never wondering close enough, only taking a small peek, at what there just might be.

Abandoned, not forgotten

“The houses of the past, made to last, except they were abandoned, by those who lived there, and no longer want them” Gun Roswell

Abandoned, not forgotten

Those pesky old homes, without a the glitter or domes, abandoned they stand, without any helping hand, refusing to go down, to crumble, because they were made to last, even if those dwellers did not last, rather past by, the houses not nye, and so, leaving to their own devices, to die in the process, but refusing to do so, only waiting, dormant, for some other kinds of beings for there to stay.

The ol’yellow house

“The old house painted in flashy colours, inviting to say the least, so let’s step inside and see, what the fuss is all about” Gun Roswell 

The ol’yellow house

Step right in, it’s open house today, all of this gorgeous yellowness is on for display, take a good look all around too see what interesting things in the ol’ yellow house can be found. After all this an archaic house, filled with hidden traits, trinkets and such, just at the very reach for those whom carefully seek. So, don’t get so bleak, rather step through the door and see what the yellow house has in store for you this time around.

Take a chance while you can, as the ol’ yellow house, might just be but a dream, not really what it seems and do, gone before you realize, as you walk through that door and take a  good long stroll around the whole thing, it may be round like a ring, or then square like the box in, well town’s square. But whatever you can imagine, it will be there waiting there for you and so, stay a while, to get that smile on your face, because the next thing which will happen is, that you will wake up and  it’s all gone. No more yellow house as it was all a simple dream.

Reaching for the skies and extended life, island style

“The old buildings are fascinating on so many levels” Gun Roswell 

Reaching for the skies and extended life, island style

On the very much deserted island, there is still some life left, as the breathing wooden buildings, tell their stories without yielding, to the inevitable decay, but standing tall against all odds nature might throw their way. Built a century ago, for those, whom dared to venture out in the unknown, life in the wild, or at least that is what it was like, back then, as this barren place was certainly not a heaven’s sent. So today only the wooden made shacks remain, to tell the story of the past, which should only in the history books last. Alas, the houses have decided differently, remaining in tact stubbornly, as if nothing, human or nature can do, to make them in the mood, of giving in. No, the are a testament to anyone, proof of durability that can, surpass time and space, as they stay, now and forever, the same.

Splash off the wall in total colour

“One needs a hint of colour in the midst of all the grey, am I right?” Gun Roswell

Splash off the wall in total colour

The paint brushes swirling left and right, up and down, around and around
As the painter concentrated, with gusto, in the job with a wide upside frown
This case was a happy occasion, refurbishing old houses without hesitation
As the full and plush colours, quickly appeared, onto the dull canvas cleared
Painting, the minds image to a well loved and cared for housing project to reflect
After such a long time having been left in total and utter neglect now being resurrect
Completing the task in minimal time, and the end result turning up more than fine
The bright and bolds, done with what some might say, something of eye sores
As the could now easily be spotted from miles away and then some but never more bores
But hey, who ever said life or in addition, the outer walls, oh an old but new home
Should be, anything, but dull, and so, the artist doing their thing, went on completing
The paint job they had been commissioned to do with a touch of spring

Stacked, piled, on top of each other

“They really are all on top of each other! How can they get into their houses then?“ Gun Roswell

Stacked, piled, on top of each other

The dwellings of the local villagers 
Upon a steep hillside subside
The colourful small decorated houses
Are the homes of people and their, well mouses
(yes i know the plural is mice, but could not make it rhyme ;P)

Built on top of each other
Maybe, as some kind of cover?
To be on the safe side of the divided
The construction workers decided
There is security in numbers some put
And they all knew then what they do should
And then, they put each of the homes
On top of the other in a shape of a dome
So now, the happy inhabitants
Live together, but still separate
Happy, with their daily lives
And also, naturally, do the mice!

Closed for Summer

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“What good is the warmth of summer,
without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”
― John Steinbeck

Closed for Summer

The sign stated boldly:
“Closed for summer”

Oh, what an unexpected bummer!
And here, I rented this hummer
To roam around the countryside
In a built up haze of wonder!

Pacing around the yard
Knowing full well I could not get far
A smile upon my face
Yes, this is the place
I would make my case

“What if I just break in?
Surely, that would not be a great sin?
After squatting for a week or two,
Just leave a kind thank you note and a payment too?
That would teach them a lesson
Not with the tourist of summer to be messin'”

“Closed for summer my derrière!
From now on, this summer just got merrier!”