Ever Upward towards the Clouds

“The chairs are leading upwards, towards the skies perhaps? Or at least, to the above floors of the house” Gun Roswell

Ever Upward towards the Clouds

The stairway either with a banister or not, made out of metal, stone or wood, leading the climber ever upward, unless they are on their way down. But mostly the spectators interest lies on the way towards the skies.

But to what kind of end? What could possibly be the goal achieved in getting here? Why would one want to get ever up higher? Are they trying to reach the skies or something else, somehow similarly compliant?

Maybe they are looking for some hidden treasure? Hidden on top of the low hanging clouds, which the skies are some days in shrouded? 

What of the fact that it is a cloudless clear day? Would it serve any kind of purpose in trying to get up there, without one single cloud in sight? Doing the upward fight simply out of spite? Just because it is there, the stairs?

Whatever the reason might just be, for those whom a higher ground might just seek, even if a tactical stance in mind, it does not matter, as we don’t need to know, as long as we can wait for them back, here below.

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