Dame Angela Lansbury in Memoriam

“Here I am, I still go on, you know, like the tides” Angela Lansbury

Dame Angela Lansbury in Memoriam

Those big baby blues

Changing their hues

The smile always wide

Never ever, getting tired

Playing whatever part

Given, taken, always smart

Singing, dancing

Sometimes, even romancing

The talent is here forever

Into our hearts tethered

The name never forgotten

Dame Angela Lansbury

We are all still so smitten

The Dame is dead, 

But, we still hail,

Long live, our Dame!

The Passing Of A Star Trek Legend: Nichelle Nichols, 1932- 2022 — Via Starloggers Blog

It’s with a heavy heart that it must be reported that another Star Trek legend is no longer with us. Nichelle Nichols, who pioneered the groundbreaking role of Lt. Nyota Uhura in the original Star Trek passed away at the age of 89. Nichols had suffered earlier a “mild stroke” in 2015, had health issues […]

The Passing Of A Star Trek Legend: Nichelle Nichols, 1932- 2022 — Starloggers

Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek Icon Gone But Never Forgotten #StarTrek #NichelleNichols — The Tony Burgess Blog

Nichelle Nichols who played the iconic role of Uhura in the original Star Trek series passed away at age 89. She was a trailblazer on TV and in life by her working with NASA to recruit people of color and women to go into the Astronaut program. I believe she was one of the most […]

Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek Icon Gone But Never Forgotten #StarTrek #NichelleNichols — The Tony Burgess Blog

RIP Debbie Reynolds

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“I live right in front of my daughter.
I have a little house right in front of her because
I can stay in touch. It’s like a little commune,
and it’s very nice, because you can be close.
I can see my granddaughter.
I live very close to my brother, too, and my son.
We’re a very close family”
Debbie Reynolds


RIP Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds

She had grace
She had style
A comedic sense
Which made us smile

A true star
Shining, now and forever
For us fans near and far


Faded Footprints, David Bowie, In Memoriam

David Bowie: In Memoriam


“Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon”

Faded Footprints


Just a few faded footprints
Left behind on the ground
Think of them as blueprints
To vision and sound

Living in the presence
For time is of the essence
But follow them I must
Before they fade into dust


Homage to Keith Michell

An homage to Keith Michell, actor extraordinary; RIP


“The King is dead, long live The King!”

Homage to Keith Michell

Dennis Stanton
Henry the Eighth
Shakespeare, Ibsen
Radio, Television
Quite a long slate
For the “down under” mate

An actor from a different era
A painter and an illustrator
From musicals to theatre
A multitalented entertainer

The King is dead
Long live the King!

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tumblr_nd3yeokGlV1r3g7qno3_540    Stanton

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