Homage to Keith Michell

An homage to Keith Michell, actor extraordinary; RIP


“The King is dead, long live The King!”

Homage to Keith Michell

Dennis Stanton
Henry the Eighth
Shakespeare, Ibsen
Radio, Television
Quite a long slate
For the “down under” mate

An actor from a different era
A painter and an illustrator
From musicals to theatre
A multitalented entertainer

The King is dead
Long live the King!

Keith-Michell_3506475b    keith-michell-03

henry    download-1485-low_JamesCook-2

11990624_10153904009998714_7930393418394850079_n    225px-Keith_Michell_colour_Allan_Warren

tumblr_nd3yeokGlV1r3g7qno3_540    Stanton

CUWVdE8VAAU9FBa    12279222_10153904010053714_4469308899052061876_n

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