Faded holo image, of sorts

“A faded photograph from the past perhaps? Or a manipulated image from the very now? You decide.” Gun Roswell

Faded holo image, of sorts

The vistas familiar, like seen before, perhaps in a window display of some store?

But certainly, the views nothing of any kind of bore, as this was straight from the ancient lore.

Well, perhaps not, but still, made you stop and have a look, didn’t I?!

A heavily manipulated snap from the now it might just be, nothing mysterious or giddy there to see. Or perhaps, there is?

Again, it is in the eyes of the beholder, to decide, what they can see in the image created by the pix snapper, with somewhat of an ease.

Forest views in snow vision

“The fresh snow had just fallen, early before the morning, filling the view with it all and leaving us in awe“ Gun Roswell

Forest views in snow vision

The fresh snow fallen from the heavens during the darkened night, only to be illuminated once the winter’s sun was up, none too early as it was only there for a few hours a day, just to assure it was still there. But what was revealed just there was the glittering and glimmering of the tree tops, as the sunny rays stopped there for a moment, while rising from their beds. The beauty of the scene reminiscent of an old school postcard someone had poured a hefty doze of glitter on there, simply to make it shine and today, nature had done exactly the same. Pouring the glittery essence to the snowy fields alongside the frozen waters in the creeks and even on the trees themselves, it was an absolutely breathtaking moment, frozen, literally, in time, and gazing at it for several long moments was giving the feel of everything being alright, at list for this moment, until something else happened and it was all changed. But until then, the viewer keeps on gawking at the pretty picture in front of them, and who can them blame?

Autumn vibes 2

“The vibes of fall are in the air” Gun Roswell

Autumn vibes

Scenic waterside

The waters filled with all kinds of flying creatures
Carefully approached them and they’ll let you in on all their cool features
Swimming acrobatics, splashing the waters, diving for fish
Dancing in unison, grooming one and other, begging for a reward you certainly won’t miss
Row boats with fishers and bench filled onlookers amused bathing
Spotting that one great moment in the seasonal warm weather lazy
Nature, animals and human a like
Are enjoying the moment in this colorful day divine
Autumn’s gift for one more day
To make the best effort of nature before winter makes it’s way

Sundays I four

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“Sundays, yes, those fun days” Gun Roswell


Take a walk long outside 

Seaside, a long stride, up
The hill and down to the beach
Scenery to be seen, with

Just one scene, nature and
Man made structures, side by side
Hard to divide, growing together

Over the years, soon there
Is nothing to separate them, under cover
From prying eyes, but alas

I am here now and
I spy, before it all disappears in
To the background of nature

Sundays I three

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“Sundays, yes, those fun days” Gun Roswell


Meeting people, strangers and friends 

When on the bus, or in
The streets, you’ll never know, who you’ll
Meet, it may not be

Those you seek, but strangers
Can you surprise you, if you them
Greet, a smile a word

Nothing unheard, just some chatter
And who knows, maybe you will end
Up with some new friends

Sundays I two

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“Sundays, yes, those fun days” Gun Roswell


Smell the roses, won’t you

When you walk out side
Pop into a garden, filled with the
Colours of nature, trees, flowers

Everything you can imagine just
For the visual pleasures of us all
Stroll around, see the marvels

Sit on the bench, inhale
All the fragrants, your nose could ever
Have imagined, feeling peaceful, watching

The butterflies, birds and bees
Busy at work, gathering their sustenance, but
Your task, is to relax

Sundays I one

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“Sundays, yes, those fun days” Gun Roswell


Fine dining on a Sunday 

When the Sunday beckons, it
Is time to reckon, take a rest
Let someone else, put the

Plates on the table, server
The meals as you sit in peace
Letting the Sunday mood wash

All over your face, a
Smile no less, wasn’t too difficult to
Express, especially since the sun

Is shining so warm and
Bright, shades worn outside, but under the
Cooling shade, that’s just fine