Forest views in snow vision

“The fresh snow had just fallen, early before the morning, filling the view with it all and leaving us in awe“ Gun Roswell

Forest views in snow vision

The fresh snow fallen from the heavens during the darkened night, only to be illuminated once the winter’s sun was up, none too early as it was only there for a few hours a day, just to assure it was still there. But what was revealed just there was the glittering and glimmering of the tree tops, as the sunny rays stopped there for a moment, while rising from their beds. The beauty of the scene reminiscent of an old school postcard someone had poured a hefty doze of glitter on there, simply to make it shine and today, nature had done exactly the same. Pouring the glittery essence to the snowy fields alongside the frozen waters in the creeks and even on the trees themselves, it was an absolutely breathtaking moment, frozen, literally, in time, and gazing at it for several long moments was giving the feel of everything being alright, at list for this moment, until something else happened and it was all changed. But until then, the viewer keeps on gawking at the pretty picture in front of them, and who can them blame?

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