Blue Moment has descended into the Winter’s Forest

“The silence of the wintery forest is palpable, as the cold settles in and nothing really wants to move or sing“ Gun Roswell

Blue Moment has descended into the Winter’s Forest

The day was slowly but surely ending as the supposed sunshine was now setting, deep into the horizon, only to be rising again, the next day, perhaps as is the promise of this endless cycle of the dance of the sun and the moon and the stars. But in its way it left a deep blue colour without regrets of any kind, for the sun setting but with a kind of a smile to give all those who were believing in her return, even if sometimes there were doubts of that shiny ball of a light to never emerge again. But mostly there was a trust so inherit, that the sun would rise and that was enough to put a smile on the dwellers eyes, and so the calming of the blue moment, set deep in the forest on this winter’s day, was enough to convince them all, there would be another sunny day, if not tomorrow, or the day after, then at least, soon enough, as life was totally rough, in the cold darkness of the winter’s forest.

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