The road of winter

“The long road ahead, filled with snow no less!“ Gun Roswell 

The road of winter

The winter season trip to visit, people you know, may take on a slow tone, as all the roads are now filled with freshly fallen snow. Of course they will be plowed at some point in time, but none too soon as the time to leave is now and turns out, that the roads about to be taken, are not in the list of the plow persons priority. So, the only we may of keeping going, is slowly and carefully, and of course, making sure, that the tires are slippery proofed, meaning that they are suited for any kind of winter weather as those are the only kind of tether, keeping you on the road itself and not rolling into the ditch. And don’t forget the shovel, you know, just in case there might be trouble. So, if you have these safety precautions considered and prepared for them, maybe even add some extra warm clothing and a pack of hot coco bottles to the mix, then you should be fixed and ready for the car kind of sleigh ride of the winter, as them roads are most likely real slippery, so sliding your way through, might just be a real option to make your trip to your friends to visit.

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