The fresh footfalls in the snow

“The footfalls on the snowy ground made from soft steps possibly taken with woolly socks from the drawer recently found” Gun Roswell 

The fresh footfalls in the snow

The slippery and wet sleet and the cold and icy snow a combination which each other in the winter will always follow, but neither type will matter as it is quite easy to leave a splatter of soft marks after having visited the outs, as the imprints for any passerby, who can immediately tell, someone else has walked this snowy trail of a path before. And perhaps with that specific knowledge, they too will get the confidence, of moving along inside those very steps and in the process making a good kind of a choice. Then again, they might simply be there left by someone who was in a hurry to catch the bus or someone trying to get to the store to get some stuff. But just in case these footfalls on the middle of the road, might just lead to somewhere very special and unique, then following them would be a great feat, as the adventure might just be on the beginning. So whatever you decide to do, with or without a shoe, simply follow the steps already marked on the ground and things you lost might just be found.  

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