Criss cross on the snow

“On the frozen lake, not much is at stake, when criss crossing from bank to bank“ Gun Roswell 

Criss cross on the snow

The winter morning sun, beckoned the dwellers outside for some winters fun, as the frozen lake close by provided a spot to run around in the otherwise crowded and small city side. The options plenty and the styles wary, as the people now put to enjoy the day of fun in the cold and crispy winter’s sun, as this kind of pleasure was as rare as finding hidden treasure. But perhaps this was even better, as the laughter of the dwellers enjoying their time out, was echoing through the streets quite loud. The playing on the wide field formerly a puddle filled with water, now snow and ice, was having everyone skating, skiing even playing the hockey of ice. Not too seriously though as everyone felt the playfulness of the situation and none was having a serious expression on their face because on this day, only fun and laughter were present. So, the essence of the lesson of this experience is, to go and get out there, no matter winter or not. Just take part in whatever fun filled games are played and try to be safe.

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