Blue Wintery Scene

“The white turned to blue suddenly, in the moment of hue of the night fall of winter” Gun Roswell

Blue Wintery Scene

The late of the evening, or rather just after midday as the polar nights in this region were causing the daylight, to be as scarce as water in Sahara, and so, the night fall would happen in the middle of the day rather than in the evening as usually did during the brightest of days of summer. But before this little ditty becomes a total bummer, then let’s just jump back to the topic of night fall, and the moment of blue as it was totally painting some really gorgeous views while the never revealed sun of winter had been seen, still, it was reflecting from somewhere between the thick layer of white clouds up in the skies, making the white powdery stuff to fall down. And even if it was all over and everywhere, covering the lot, the weather too, somewhat of a shock, the cold crispy air, still, it was a pretty fair scenery, that the weather gods had painted so for now, there really was no complaining, at least not to this snapper of pics.

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