I don’t really have a life, do I?

“Living inside a fantasy world inside one’s own mind can be dangerous they said. Still it is much better here, than anywhere else, so why should I want to leave?“ Gun Roswell

I don’t really have a life, do I?


What is this thing everyone keeps talking about – life?

It is a rather difficult of a concept to grasp

And someone even suggested it doesn’t that long last?

So why then bother?

Why not simply live inside the most perfect make believe world?

Created by the twisted mind and then oneself having into it hurled

But, by choice, as all the many voices there

Bring comfort and care, never ever despair

And so, the conclusion?

Is there life outside one’s mind?

Or is all of it out there simply a concoction of someone much smarter?

And all those living their supposed lives?

Simply mere players in someone else’s mind?

Forty-Seven, Part three


I no longer believe in the Easter Bunny,
and I’m beginning to wonder about Santa Claus.
But I believe wholeheartedly in 47”
Sarah Dolinar


The Culprit:

Maybe I am an alien
With a devilish plan

“Hello, I am Specialist 47
Delighted to make your acquaintance
Please find attached my credentials
For some mind maintenance”

Resident of Earth since 1947
Successfull mind melds, total of 47 000 000 047
47 more years to beat
Until my mission is complete

My contact information
4747 Galaxy Boulevard
A short promenade
A right down the hall
Or give me a call
My mobile number 555-4747
Thank you for your confirmation

Forty-Seven, Part two


“Forty-seven, is a constant, Forty-seven will make you go far, Forty-seven, yeah, that is my number by far” Gun Roswell


The Homage:

How phenomenal
Quite Astrological
Completely magical
Oh so mythical
Like a rock star

My profound respect
I am fundamentally perplexed
How very puzzling
Even a little hustling
Quite the dazzling

You are… the Culprit

Forty-Seven, Part One


“I no longer believe in the Easter Bunny,
and I’m beginning to wonder about Santa Claus.
But I believe wholeheartedly in 47”
Sarah Dolinar


The Proof:

The time is now, 00.47
Roswell 1947
Film, 47 Minutes
Waterford Greenwich 47-piece Flatware Set
Exit 47
London Bus Routes – 47/N47
4711 Eau de toilette
Level 47 Walkthrough
Agent 47
47 Ronin
U.S. Code › Title 47
The 47 Society
47 likes on Facebook page
47 mints in the box

Cool and the Gang of Cats

“They’re all ganging up now, against us, against the world, against all, and trust me, they will, win ;p“ Gun Roswell

Cool and the Gang of Cats

The ominous clouds, gathered in the tall skies
The streets empty, devoid of all kind of life
Except, well, that is when, they, stepped in
Those supposed friends, of this, hooman kin

Soon enough, each and every nook and cranny
Are filled up to the hilt with them sitting on their fannies
Taking over each and every vacant corner and lot
Yes, most definitely, they have some all consuming plot

As the furriest of characters, make their claim
On this small planet, where life, well, let’s face it, is lame
The growing sounds of the purrs and meows 
Are totally scaring off any other being, even the cows

But the point here really is, to take over the world
And en masse, the furry felines, are certainly heard
Their agenda still, the guess as good as any really
Then again, all of us, surrendered surprisingly freely

After several moments of collective breath holding
Awaiting for the inevitable to be soon enough unfolding
But then as if reading the quivering masses an out
The leader, or at least assumed to be, give out a shout

The demand list, has finally been delivered to the front door
To those ones whom the felines assumed to be the top dogs
After reading the list, assumed to be the end
Was actually really nice, and nothing there to defend

The few request, of fresh tuna, catnip and occasional belly rubs on the top
Were quickly reciprocated to the cool gang at the docks
And soon peace landed on over the land of all
As the cats, yes those ones, ate their fish and had a ball

Maybe, we, hoomans, are better off with these leaders
After all, they demand so little and are not cheaters
The trick here might be to just co-exist and adore
The furry leaders, keeping us happy, and in awe

Friday, the 13th?

“Happy Friday the 13th. Satan texted me saying watch my back…With a winky face.”

Friday, the 13th?

The tale told below
Was it based on a true story?
Or just pure fiction?

That, my dear reader
Is for the writer to know
And for you to enjoy!



As I arrived in the office, the place seemed more quiet than usual.
At least this early in the morning.
Sitting in my seat, pondering, where everyone else were.

No emails, no calls
No contacts at all
Had I mistaken?
Or too early awoken?
Was this a wrong day?
A Saturday, a Sunday?

Thinking about it, the traffic had been oddly light.
Even though it had been early morning time.

After a few hours of waiting in solitude, people I had never seen, entered the room.
Talking in strange languages, sounding like a record been played back the wrong way.
I was observing them. They did not seem to notice me.

Passing me by
Wondering why
Seemed like a dream
So unreal did it seem

I tried to greet one of them. I kept repeating
Hello, hello, HELLO!

But unnoticed
Even by the closest
Visitor did I go

Getting irritated, I did no longer hesitate.
Jumped in front of the nearest stranger.
I did not feel I was in any danger.
Waved my arms and shouted.
Like a mad person undoubted
But nothing, no nothing stirred the strangers.
As if I wasn’t even there…


Maybe, just maybe
I had turned invisible
Or maybe,
It was all, just a dream

After all
It was Friday the 13th!

Mr Diesel’s Adventures on Caturday

Caturday presents, the honorary Caturday guest, Mr Diesel

“Dogs are like kids. Cats are like roommates.”
― Oliver Gaspirtz, A Treasury of Pet Humor


Hiding myself

I feel shy today
Alone in this place
They made me stay

So just read my face
It’s clearly splayed
I won’t be swayed
To stay in this place
One more day!


Calm Seas

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“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever”
Jacques Yves Cousteau

Calm Seas

A long walk behind me, legs giving up, trying, to get somewhere, where I can finally relax. Not one soul have I encountered for a long while, I did not even realize the time, just kept on walking, the only talking, was done to myself, by myself. Clueless, helpless, dragging myself forward, as more time passes by.

But then, something, a new odour, alerted my nose. Sniffing, thinking, this, is familiar. Something fresh like a breeze, maybe, with a touch of salt? I fasten my pace, walking towards the smell, my nose the only guide.

As I am walking, ney, half running towards the intoxicating smell, I can feel a cool breeze against my face. Sounds of what seems made by birds, fill my ears and get louder by the minute. Dare I hope this is what I think it is? Yes, it must be, and now, now I am running. Feeling the moistness in the wind, the sounds of waves crashing in.

Soon, I reach the end of my journey, standing, on the top of a cliff. Looking down, nothing but miles and miles of seashore. Sand and rock, blue ocean waves, birds a flocking in the distance. Fluffy white clouds, a little sunshine between them. The horizon blurred, with the sea and sky, blue on blue, in different hues. No one else has entered this paradise. It is almost undisturbed, as if no one else of this place has ever heard.

This, is the place, a place for me to finally sit down, and relax, enjoy myself, find myself. Heck, maybe I just settle down here, forever!

Bitch Perfect for Freaky Friday

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“I am not trying to give an image of a fairytale,
perfect, everything else,
I am just being myself”
Rebecca Loos

Bitch Perfect

Call me the perfect bitch
Or just the worst one you can find
I may be a broom-less witch
But still the best of my kind

You may find me..

Taking flight
In the darkest of night
Or just taking a bus
In the early morning rush

You may see me…

Dancing naked in the pouring rain
Celebrating life to the fullest
Or just having a beer in a dive bar stained
Being one of the people dullest

You may catch me…

Casting the mightiest of spells
Cursing and not giving a damn
Or just talking to my mom on the cell
Just because, I can

Now you may see me…

In a new aspect
As a bitch perfect
Because that is who I am
Just because, I can


Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit 

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cat lady

“If the shoe fits, wear it”

Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit 

started kit

Whether it’s a business, or a personal hobby;
There is nothing like a good starter kit, to get you off the ground!

Before you know it
Your collecting will start growing
You will feel the life altering experience
Provided only, by these tiny creatures

And soon enough, you too, can be part of, the Crazy Cat Lady Alliance!

If you don’t believe us,
Just listen to some of the testimonies by our satisfied clients:

“I was a mess, totally lost, ’till I heard of “the Kit”.
Now, I am totally hooked! Cats and kittens all over my house!
Even cat hair on my blouse.
I could not be more happy!”

“I was working twenty-four-seven, my life consumed by work.
I was lonely and at the end of my rope. Then, one day I saw the ad:
The Starter Kit completely turned my life around!
Cats, cats, cats, my 24-7 acts! Nothing more do I want in my life!”

So order yours now, before we run out.
Call now, the lines are open, so press those buttons!

starter kit 2