I don’t really have a life, do I?

“Living inside a fantasy world inside one’s own mind can be dangerous they said. Still it is much better here, than anywhere else, so why should I want to leave?“ Gun Roswell

I don’t really have a life, do I?


What is this thing everyone keeps talking about – life?

It is a rather difficult of a concept to grasp

And someone even suggested it doesn’t that long last?

So why then bother?

Why not simply live inside the most perfect make believe world?

Created by the twisted mind and then oneself having into it hurled

But, by choice, as all the many voices there

Bring comfort and care, never ever despair

And so, the conclusion?

Is there life outside one’s mind?

Or is all of it out there simply a concoction of someone much smarter?

And all those living their supposed lives?

Simply mere players in someone else’s mind?

One thought on “I don’t really have a life, do I?

  1. More simply said by Spike as he sung it to Buffy, Life is all about Living. We have to go on Living.

    Buffy was at a crossroads. She was wrenched from the Dead (Heaven) by her sociopathic friends who cared only bout what they wanted, (To have her back) and Spike knew she needed to know that Life is ALL About Living. No rights. No Wrongs (mostly).

    All you have to do is to want to live it, AND Then do it. Such a beautiful episode. If you can You tube Buffy the musical Episode. I used to Know ALL the words to all the songs. That episode is inspirational.

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