Shopping for Shoes Cats part 1

“There is always the need, for a new pair of shoes, even if the closet is full“ Gun Roswell

Shopping for Shoes Cats part 1

“Madam, really wanted new shoes,
So she sent me out to scout, win or lose,
But, what is, a poor kitty to do?
I know absolutely nothing, of them tools
I’m just a poor cat, without any kind of those
Things, on my own furry and neatly trimmed toes”

The confused cat, on the corner of the shopping street sat
As it had been sent out, by her mistress no less, in a doubt
Now, as what to look for, as his poor paws, never needed
Any kind of footwear, at least, not since the one specific incident
On the season of Christmas, when his mistress, had smiled and
Some knitted clothing on his person without warning to try

“Shoes, shoes, shoes…
I have not got any kind of clues,
Maybe these, flip flop types, here I see
No socks needed, although, during winter
They aren’t exactly that heated
Alright, next shop, on my way!”

It really might take all of the day, for this cat, now looking for a prey
But not for mice or anything nice, not at least for him, even with trying
To find the perfectly fitting footwear, for the mistress, he did care
Because all those rewards given to him, from the keeper who did sing
The praise of this furry feline, and always, always was to him so kind
So, getting the most fitting pair, was going to be the reward for her

“I am going to get those shiny sandals I saw,
Just around the corner, in that one footwear selling store,
I think they will fit her nicely, with that gold dress spicy,
Then she will give me so many kisses and hugs,
And then I will sleep in front of the fire on the rug,
After eating all the fish, she has for me made as a dish!”

So, the cat on the prowl, went inside the store with a howl
Meow, he stated and pointed at the one pair nicely painted
The shopkeeper packing them up, and accepting the payment without a huff
On his way, the cat did so, with a bag and and a nice sway
Surprising his mistress, with a great pair of shoes no less
And as per suspected, he was rewarded with all the things without stress

Friday vibes and summer memories

“Yes folks, it is, Friday, once again, which is a good thing, because tomorrow, I can finally sleep in :P“ Gun Roswell

Friday vibes and summer memories

Another boring working week, finally, in the box
Despite, having planned, quite a lot
But barely doing, the minimum required
Even if, I had some complements acquired
But, today, is that one day, I usually root for
Yes, Friday eve, is finally, knocking at the door!
So, it is time to hang up the keyboard
And pick up a completely new chord
Because this time, is my own special time
Either spent binge watching my favourite shows
Or then, going down the memory lane flow
Meaning mostly, digging up old pictures
Of those rare and few memorable fixtures
Where time was spent in a more favourable place
Where seemingly nothing changes and time still stands
Alas, I am talking about the summer, or rather those few days
Where the sun and the sea, were totally in sync
Showing all kinds of blues off the waves blink
Sitting by that seashore, without any kinds of chores
Well, those days are certainly missed
Now that the darkness slowly starts to piss
On this otherwise solemn and organised daily bliss
But hey, it’s the weekend, so, no more wallowing spent
On the old memories of summer days gone by
Because we all know, time flies
No matter if you are having fun or not
Or even if it is really cold or painfully hot
Enjoy the day, no matter what
Friday, or hey, even a damned Monday
Those can all be, some kind of fund days

Happy weekend y’all!

Riverside living with a smile

“Living, by a river, is so totally cool. Well, it can be during winter time!” Gun Roswell

Riverside living with a smile

When a house was built
Near the water’s edge filled 
With nautical stuff up to the hilt
I really could not resist

So I reserved a spot 
Right there on the dot
Of getting a tour of the house
Hoping I wasn’t too much of a louse

Because I was only curious 
Not really that frivolous 
To have my home there 
Where the cool waters fare

But little did I know
That I would fall in love 
With the tiny house by the river
And now, I am a home owner 
By that same river 😉

A Summer’s Sunday at the Beach

“A calm, cloudy, and sunny Sunday, what a contradiction indeed!” Gun Roswell

A Summer’s Sunday at the Beach

When the Sunday time, loudly, its present chimed
We ran, like we were on fire, out there, from the dire
Into the open wild nature, with colours so lush
There really was no need for any kind of rush
To enjoy the art work devised by our beloved Mother Nature
Was there for everyone to see, without any kind of fee

But we ran, as fast as any one can, really
For you see, there was somewhere else we wanted to be, really
Beside the calm and cooling waters, fooling around like a bunch of sea otters
We made our way, discarding all clothing, falling where ever they may
Splashing into the soft waves, letting the healing waters save
Ourselves in the process, as this was the place for us, the total bliss

We played and frolicked, until the darkness descended we stayed
Then only, reaching for the softest of sands, lending each other a hand
To find the discarded garments, a little dirty, maybe even sandy, was a mild statement
But nobody cared, as it had all been time so well spent
Out here, on the beach, on this summer’s Sunday we had reached
And if we were to be lucky, maybe next weekend, we could come back again

Brick in the Wall

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“Poetry is the art of creating imaginary gardens with real toads”
Marianne Moore

Brick in the Wall

Just another brick in the wall
On this oldest of town halls

Up, up, the rugged stones yourself haul
Reaching the top, you might feel quite small
But when you stand up, and do not fall
You feel yourself, getting quite tall

No time to stall
And to be, another brick on that wall


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“Poetry is the art of creating imaginary gardens with real toads”
Marianne Moore


Reflected, daily life
Today is, peaceful, without a strife
No need for a fork or knife

Took the day off
Decided, with a coin toss
It’s no one’s loss

Sitting, in the shadow
No worry, of tomorrow
Just enjoying, what this day throws


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“Poetry is the art of creating imaginary gardens with real toads”
Marianne Moore


It’s almost, like a painting
I find it, quite fascinating
An out of focus photograph
Reminiscent, of a calligraph

Stare at it, for a while
What ever as you want it to file
It will still make you smile