Beyond the doorway

“There is something for sure to be found beyond the walls, the fences and behind the closed doors. Simply dare to open the closed door and enter to a world filled with mystery.“ Gun Roswell

Beyond the doorway

It can be scary and most likely quite frightening too, but once you cross that barrier, the one inside of you, the fear, then the next step, is to open the tightly closed door. 

Watching, observing, glaring and looking, only waiting for something scary. And so, when nothing bad really happens, perhaps then taking the step into the unknown, because if you do not, you will certainly regret not having embarked on the adventure when possible.

The final sept, taking the leap of faith in a manner of speaking and soon enough, the large and wide world on the outside, can be explored with some caution but mostly out of curiosity and that is the start of the path taken to enrich the small world back home.

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