The Blame Game (TBT)

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“Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise” Sigmund Freud

blame game

The Blame Game

When you are a lying
On that sofa
Into a coma
Blaming everyone else
Except yourself

Your mother, your father
Even the family pet rather
Than copping-out
It was your self doubt
Accomplishments gone array
Just because of a high
To have and eat the cake
Soon turned out a fake

Excuses made
For each mistake
“It was not my quirk”
“The dog ate the homework”
“The weather was bad”
“The others made me feel sad”

Stop the blame game
Leave the shame
Look in the mirror
The picture getting clearer
Listen to the gong
Playing the same song
It was you
All along

2 thoughts on “The Blame Game (TBT)

  1. Lol
    Good quote of Freuds, sadly most are terrible at honesty.

    Nice poem, some nice rhyming and matched the subject very well. Who to blame? When is it someone elses fault? When ours? And how do we deal with those thoughts/feelings.

    Liked by 1 person

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