“Sunsets, nature’s most beautiful paintings” Gun Roswell


Summer memories from a distant land
Holding, treasuring, in my hand
Remembering all the times spent
By the seashore, looking for something heavens sent

Keeping a close eye
Trying something to spy
A spectacle of enormous proportions
Which this darkening night brightens
The sunset most magnificent
Viewed by present day onlookers just like the ancients
Nature art spread across the night skies
There within, the truth of life lies

Narrow lane

“All kinds of people passing in the narrow lanes” Gun Roswell

Narrow lane

People passing each other quickly
In the narrow lanes of the big city
No howdys nor hellos exchanged
In this buzzing everyday human maze

Trying to get away as soon as possible
Avoiding all the traps and obstacles
No talking, no chatting, no singing
Not even one single hip is swinging

This tight passage way a true test
On how to get out in a way best
Not getting stuck with anyone else
Not for one second, which would be hell

Nothing sticks to these wanderers
Not even a fellow time squanderers
Destined to roam the long lanes alone
Always and forever, being one, solo

Sleet and Snow

“Ah, the ever changing weather, how lucky are we?” Gun Roswell

Sleet and Snow

It’s that time of the year again
When you’ll never can for tell
Whether the weather be fine or hell
Looking out the window is the best forecast
But do not always your own eyes trust
Bring all kind of gear with you
Maybe even choose an outfit or two
Just to be on the safe side of things
Because when you go out there, you won’t sing
Any hurrah’s or praises to the weather gods
-Those cloud busting arrogant sods!
Playing the fool with us mere mortals here below
Sending rain, hail, and yes, even more snow
And soon out the window go all ready made plans
Oh well, at least there is not too much sand! (for now!)

Crowd Control

“Where there is a crowd, there is no control” Gun Roswell

Crowd Control

Pedestrians flocking on the busy streets
Trying hard not to trample each others feet
Crowding tightly into the smallest corner
None of them caring about any personal boarder

Pushing and shoving against each other
As over the traffic lights together they hover
There is no control over any actions
Just a lot of negative reactions

The crowd now growing larger and stronger
Soon there is no room between them any longer
Just one massive blob of humanity
Rolling down, in the busy streets, for all eternity

Snow Plow

“When it snows it pours” Gun Roswell

Snow Plow

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it
Especially since the snow storm hit
But on a pristine snowfall day
The snow pure white as it may
The view from the cockpit is quite charming
When moving forward and sometimes backing
Plowing away, clearing the roads
The outcome is great, even if the work is slow
Call it job security, from now until end of February
And if lucky, it will snow until June
Because the summer, it never comes too soon
Before you know it, it’s once again January!

Shadow People

“Looking, ogling, watching, snapping selfies, people they’ll be!” Gun Roswell

Shadow People

Lurking in the darkness
Jumping out, making a mess
Those shadowy figures
Posing until rigor
Looks quite painful
Some quite dull

Before you even get to shout
They’re always on the look out
For that very best spot
Of yet another photo-op,
Where every they pop
No one can them ever stop

They are the selfie snappers
Always leaving an image after
The world wide web full
Counting from infinity to null
They are every where
Better not stop and directly stare

A different kind of race
Simply going at their own pace
Revolving around their centre
Is the world and time were
A duck face is the norm
And each picture is reformed

Do not get in the way
Or into a photo you may
End up inadvertently
Even quite accidentaly
And before you know it
You end up getting hits

Over there, in the world wide web
On this tiny blue sphere!

If There is a Wrong Place and a Wrong Time: I’ll be There (TBT)

“Not fitting in just means you’re in the wrong place”


If There is a Wrong Place and a Wrong Time, I’ll be There

A sale of shoes
Small sizes only
feeling bold
Into the men’s section
I wandered
No time to loose
A nice pair of boots
Fitting like a glove
I am in love
A passer by
Asks me to pose
For a picture
To be a feature
In the paper

In my raggedy jeans
Crashing a party
Of the cocktail kind
A piece of a pie
Instructing all to jive
I was an
Overnight sensation
Even without
The proper presentation
Dancing the night away
With a hip and a sway

In my way to a show
My face in a glow
Hoping premium seats to score
Then a let down
All sold out
Feeling like clown
My face in a frown
Life is a bore

Sitting in the entry way
‘Hey lady’ I hear
Can you sing?
In my mind a ding
My heart is throbbing
Without remorse
I join the chorus
Singing my heart out
Without a doubt
The best night
Of my entire life
Despite the lack
Of several facts
I can’t dance, act or even sing

Forest life

“It’s winter and the forest is filled with snow, duh!” Gun Roswell

Forest life

In the early morning hours
Even before the snowy showers
As I walk through the frozen forest
Admiring the trees tallest
Cannot help but wonder what may
All kinds of secret marvels lay
Hidden from prying eyes
Under the white winter skies
And deep under ground
For no mere mortal to be found
Content to just admire the surface
I continue my walk through the snowy trees

Late night, Late rise

“Sometimes you just need to catch up with sleep” Gun Roswell

Late night, Late rise

Slipping into bed in the early morning hours
Before the others awaken and get their showers
A late night spent without much remorse
Never been too good in keeping scores
But the following day
Totally may slip away
Waking up in the late afternoon
Thinking darkness came too soon
Just in time for the setting sun in sight
The skies slowly turning towards the night
Time once again wasted
I should have stayed in bed instead
How not to worry too much about it all
Since i really cannot time stall?
Decision then to sleep until the next day
And get a clean slate without pay