Fiery, but oh so good

“They might taste good and you know they should, but after even a small bite, you can easily light up a great big bon fire!” Gun Roswell

Fiery, but oh so good

The multicoloured itty bitty, small and shiny things

Those oh so juicy and totally delicious bling-blings

But rather the ones consumable and edible kinds

Which in the store’s produce section you’ll easily find

Those many a colours and shapes will make you smile

But be ware, as their lure is rater good

Still caution use, while even a small bite consumed

As they are fiery little things, which rather than making you sing

Fire breathing you will yourself soon enough find

Like a dragon from an old fairy tale or similar sort of a kind

Will you then utterly and totally become!

Fish and chips, why not!

“Got some fresh fish and put them in a newspaper together with some greasy potatoes and what have you got? A meal to go!” Gun Roswell

Fish and chips, why not!

The trip to a near by land, the cities totally grand, all the museums, sights and other kinds of monuments around you would want to see them, while walking all around, alas even if it was all totally exiting and new and all worth the while, history unravelling right in front of the very eyes, one thing was certain. The constant presence of hunger, something which could not be satisfied with mere visionary and auditory pleasures. That of course was the hunger for sustenance.

So, what else was there to do, except to stop the expedition into the great unknown secrets of this land and then, to start browsing the offerings they had considering the gastronomical delights right there at every street corner, in the form of a tavern or a bar, as you really did not have to walk that far to find one establishment serving foods beyond this galaxy!

Sorting through the various menus while browsing the food courts windows, the multitude of what is available for the digestive system is something to be reckoned with. This big city with all its treasures, certainly has the food enthusiastic on their toes as there are so many things to choose from. Alas, then something interesting catches the weary travellers eye, taking it as a sign!

“Fish and chips for only just under ten!” 

This must be a heavens sent and so, the choice is quite obvious, as a delicious dish for fish and chips soon will be ordered.

Good vs. Evil, the eternal fight?


“I believe you can make forces of good and evil work for you, to get what you want” GG Allin

Good vs. Evil, the eternal fight?

They say it is good for you
Healthy type of food
You must eat it
Possibly, even enjoy it
But who can really resist
The tempting siren song
Of the sugary spawn
Of a glazed donught
They said not to touch
But I really wanted it so much
Sneaking it out
In a hankerchief no less
I must confess
I ate the whole thing
With one big bite
Just out of spite
I really, really enjoyed it


Healthy vs. sugar

“Pumpkin squash and doughnuts for dessert, yep!” Gun Roswell

Healthy vs. sugar

Strolling down the long lanes of the local supermarket
Trying to find that ultimate, utter and complete target
Food so healthy, I am finally beginning the process of slimming down
Even if the taste would not be so good, I would eat it without a frown
I pass by the delicatessen, trying so hard my yearning to lessen
Finally reaching the fruit and vegetable section
Yes, I know, I am still drawn to that other, none too good direction
Looking around, to the bountiful stacks of colorful stuff
Not sure what to choose so I start to fill up my cart
All kinds of veggies, berries, fruits and other types of things
Some of them smelling good too, maybe, just maybe, they’ll make me sing
When the choices are made, I start towards the cash registers to sway
But then it means passing that seductive corner
Where all the sweet stuff will try to lure me
I pause and look, my eyes and mouth watering
I can already feel the sugar into my body pouring in
Standing perfectly still for a moment
This, this is hell, the utmost kind of torment
I hesitate, pause, feeling dragged by that juicy cause
But then, I decide, this is not so wise
I close my own to eyes
In a brief moment of truth,
I make the decision to not fall into the lure
Heading towards the checkout
Paying only for the healthy stuff, and I am out
First trial ended and I am coming out victorious, how splendid
This round winner me
Next time, well, we’ll just have to see

Sundays I four

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“Sundays, yes, those fun days” Gun Roswell


Take a walk long outside 

Seaside, a long stride, up
The hill and down to the beach
Scenery to be seen, with

Just one scene, nature and
Man made structures, side by side
Hard to divide, growing together

Over the years, soon there
Is nothing to separate them, under cover
From prying eyes, but alas

I am here now and
I spy, before it all disappears in
To the background of nature

Sundays I three

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“Sundays, yes, those fun days” Gun Roswell


Meeting people, strangers and friends 

When on the bus, or in
The streets, you’ll never know, who you’ll
Meet, it may not be

Those you seek, but strangers
Can you surprise you, if you them
Greet, a smile a word

Nothing unheard, just some chatter
And who knows, maybe you will end
Up with some new friends

Sundays I two

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“Sundays, yes, those fun days” Gun Roswell


Smell the roses, won’t you

When you walk out side
Pop into a garden, filled with the
Colours of nature, trees, flowers

Everything you can imagine just
For the visual pleasures of us all
Stroll around, see the marvels

Sit on the bench, inhale
All the fragrants, your nose could ever
Have imagined, feeling peaceful, watching

The butterflies, birds and bees
Busy at work, gathering their sustenance, but
Your task, is to relax

Sundays I one

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“Sundays, yes, those fun days” Gun Roswell


Fine dining on a Sunday 

When the Sunday beckons, it
Is time to reckon, take a rest
Let someone else, put the

Plates on the table, server
The meals as you sit in peace
Letting the Sunday mood wash

All over your face, a
Smile no less, wasn’t too difficult to
Express, especially since the sun

Is shining so warm and
Bright, shades worn outside, but under the
Cooling shade, that’s just fine

Red I two

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“I see red, always red” Gun Roswell


Red berries for breakfast, red
Berries for lunch, maybe even some during
The break time, but none

For dinner, that is the
Spinner, eating only from the other palette
Rich foods and such, but

None too much, because it’s
Good to leave some room for dessert
Maybe even the rec berries?