Healthy vs. sugar

“Pumpkin squash and doughnuts for dessert, yep!” Gun Roswell

Healthy vs. sugar

Strolling down the long lanes of the local supermarket
Trying to find that ultimate, utter and complete target
Food so healthy, I am finally beginning the process of slimming down
Even if the taste would not be so good, I would eat it without a frown
I pass by the delicatessen, trying so hard my yearning to lessen
Finally reaching the fruit and vegetable section
Yes, I know, I am still drawn to that other, none too good direction
Looking around, to the bountiful stacks of colorful stuff
Not sure what to choose so I start to fill up my cart
All kinds of veggies, berries, fruits and other types of things
Some of them smelling good too, maybe, just maybe, they’ll make me sing
When the choices are made, I start towards the cash registers to sway
But then it means passing that seductive corner
Where all the sweet stuff will try to lure me
I pause and look, my eyes and mouth watering
I can already feel the sugar into my body pouring in
Standing perfectly still for a moment
This, this is hell, the utmost kind of torment
I hesitate, pause, feeling dragged by that juicy cause
But then, I decide, this is not so wise
I close my own to eyes
In a brief moment of truth,
I make the decision to not fall into the lure
Heading towards the checkout
Paying only for the healthy stuff, and I am out
First trial ended and I am coming out victorious, how splendid
This round winner me
Next time, well, we’ll just have to see

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