Fish and chips, why not!

“Got some fresh fish and put them in a newspaper together with some greasy potatoes and what have you got? A meal to go!” Gun Roswell

Fish and chips, why not!

The trip to a near by land, the cities totally grand, all the museums, sights and other kinds of monuments around you would want to see them, while walking all around, alas even if it was all totally exiting and new and all worth the while, history unravelling right in front of the very eyes, one thing was certain. The constant presence of hunger, something which could not be satisfied with mere visionary and auditory pleasures. That of course was the hunger for sustenance.

So, what else was there to do, except to stop the expedition into the great unknown secrets of this land and then, to start browsing the offerings they had considering the gastronomical delights right there at every street corner, in the form of a tavern or a bar, as you really did not have to walk that far to find one establishment serving foods beyond this galaxy!

Sorting through the various menus while browsing the food courts windows, the multitude of what is available for the digestive system is something to be reckoned with. This big city with all its treasures, certainly has the food enthusiastic on their toes as there are so many things to choose from. Alas, then something interesting catches the weary travellers eye, taking it as a sign!

“Fish and chips for only just under ten!” 

This must be a heavens sent and so, the choice is quite obvious, as a delicious dish for fish and chips soon will be ordered.

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