Cross the frozen stream to get to the other side

“The weather had finally turned from the dreary damp darkness of the fall to the long over due and now perfect crisp frozen calm of the winter’s balm” Gun Roswell

Cross the frozen stream to get to the other side

The day emerging from beyond the moon and the stars, not quite the warm and expected as the day before, rather the cold and calm and frozen air, beating the face now in despair as as soon as door to the outside is opened, but that is no reason to stop hoping, that despite the snippy feel of the outdoors, something nice and gorgeous waits there to be explored, out there in the snow filled forest.

But, the first step to conquer before getting too the actual price, and to the something wonderful and nice, is to cross the river wide, which was only yesterday flowing wild with pride. But a nice surprise waited the traveller when reaching the site, as the flowing waters no longer taunting and snide, as all of it was now frozen to a solid surface, the wonders of this season and from Mother Nature, not a hater of any wanderer ready to make their way to the wintery scene, to admire the newly made formations of snow and ice, the sculpture like features and other kinds of creatures now roaming about the winter’s palace just beyond the frozen stream, for the travellers daring at reach. 

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