Coffee, Coffee, Coffee and some more Coffee… (TBT)

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“There really is no life before the first pot of coffee in the morning”

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Coffee, Coffee, Coffee and some more Coffee…

Since the dawn of time when humans first dropped down from the trees and started walking, their first trip must have been to the closest Starbucks for some coffee.

Remember the classic film “2001: A Space Odyssey” and first scene where the prehistoric man is bewildered when a big black block lands before him? What if instead of the monolith a giant cup of coffee would have landed? I think we would have evolved much faster and would be more advanced today if that would have been the case 😉

But let’s move forward in time and to present day.

I have dropped in a quite a few suggestions (read request) in our office “suggestion box“: Add to the list of necessary office supplies an IV drop filled with coffee. Each worker would then be hooked into the IV every morning and during the day; a dedicated person would circulate around the office and re-fill the empty ones.

But seriously, coffee is the one good drug that keeps this world up and running. Here is an example of an ordinary working day:

1st cup: 06.00 AM: Eyes barely open reaching for my glasses on the night stand sniffing for that precious aroma. Nothing yet! Half running downstairs praying the automated coffee maker has not suffered from any kind of electrical stroke during the night and my coffee would be there waiting for me.

It is! Hallelujah let the day begin!

2nd cup: 06.20 AM: Morning ablutions behind me, standing fully clothed ready to take off to work, gulping the second cup of coffee while reaching for the door.

3rd cup: 07.00 AM: In the office, turning on the coffee machine before even reaching for the lights in the darkened office. Impatiently waiting while the machine is making its morning sounds before I can insert my coffee capsule into the damned thing and get my coffee (Note: It’s a double shot just to make sure I don’t run out before I can tackle today’s pile of work).

4th to 6th cup: 08.00 to 11.00 AM: A steady flow of “double shots” for each cup to keep up the pace of the day and a smile on my face.

7th cup: 11.30 AM: A cup of coffee to complement a tasty lunch, of course 😉

8th to 9th cup: 12.00 PM to 02.00 PM: One for each scheduled meeting for the afternoon.

10th (to 11th) cup: 02.15 PM: It is finally time for the afternoon coffee break! (In reality this is a very large cup so guess it counts for two or more…).

12th cup: 03.00 PM: Last squeeze (and cup of coffee) before the day’s work is done!

13th cup: 04.00 PM: Time to leave for home, one more for the road…

14th to Umpteenth cup: 05.00 PM to Midnight: After a full day of work, I managed a full hour of exercise, went grocery shopping and vacuumed the whole house. Albeit I was so perked up from all the coffee I managed to get to bed early (around 2 AM) after cleaning a few closets and taking the dog out three times during the evening for a brisk walk and of course, having a cup of coffee here and there; P

The lesson learned: There is no such thing as too much coffee!


By the way, last time I had my yearly check up at the doctors, the conclusion was: there was far too much blood in my caffeine circulation!

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5 thoughts on “Coffee, Coffee, Coffee and some more Coffee… (TBT)

  1. Ah!
    You brought me memories of my days at work seeping my coffee as an antidote of the drudgery from the day ahead, at one job my day would start at 5 AM having to wake up at 3:30 AM every day, with no time to prepare a drop of the divine liquid, because I had to catch the 4:30 AM first train far from home and had to be out the door before 4 AM ( Electric coffee machines with timer were not invented yet) I will be at the office exactly 5 minutes before the start of work, they had a huge twenty gallon machine at work, usually a friend of mine, and myself were the first at the line waiting desperately, looking at our watch for the first drops of the precious liquid to drip in our holding big cups, most people at the company couldn’t believe we could drink the concentrated brew of a ten pound bag of coffee, since we had no time to wait for all the water to percolate the coffee, otherwise we would have to wait for our first break at 7 AM.
    As you can well imagine, the coffee was super strong, but will wake you up instantly!
    Some people would lecture us on how they knew coffee and wouldn’t dream of drinking such brew, as we did, we will shake our heads, and say:
    “You may be a connoisseur of coffee, but you are not a real coffee drinker, otherwise you will try to be ahead of us in the line!” 🙂

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  2. I like this humorous post, and I can relate! I used to drink 3-4 cups of coffee per day, but due to acid reflux, I shouldn’t drink any coffee at all. However, I allow myself ONE cup every morning, so it has to be good! I’m a coffee “snob”, my husband says. I do not like American watered down coffee. It tastes awful. I didn’t discover how good “real” coffee was until I went to Brazil in 1971! In the pre-Starbucks era, I would go to specialty stores that sold international products to buy ground coffee from Mexico. When Starbucks arrived in our area, I was overjoyed! Today, it isn’t so much Starbucks as an awareness by many Americans of what good coffee should taste like. Local roasters have popped up in every urban center and in smaller towns too! On our recent trip, I did not drink coffee at all for several days when we were staying in hotels where only American coffee was served. However, when we discovered breakfast places that served good coffee, I was so elated that I drank TWO cups on those days!! At home, we have a grind-and-brew, and we order our coffee beans online from Colectivo (Milwaukee) or Café Britt (in Costa Rica).

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