Cat in black and white

“The cat’s come in all colours, even black and white!” Gun Roswell

Cat in black and white

The cat in white
With tiny black stripes
Sat perfectly still
And watched the passers by
It had no rush to leave
As it was waiting for the eve
When all the fishing boats
Would finally sail back to shore
And then to get her reward
After watching the spot
For all day long
Where the boats would dock
And that was her job
After all
She was a cat
With in white and black

Life, Island Style

“No one, is an island, they say, but I would sure want to be alone, on an island!” Gun Roswell

Life, Island Style

When life on the shores gets too much
Since all you want to do is huff
Nothing soothes you,
Not even your favourite stuff
You simply want to get out of touch
Even the seas all might and rough
Will not deter your solution of love
Love of the life on the Island

When the days are still long
You need to stay so strong
The only thing keeping you going
Are the thoughts and images slowing
Down the pressure always growing
But then you remember again
The love of the life of the Island

Once you get there
Out in the open square
The sea and salty air
Bringing you out of all that despair
Because this, is simply the place
Where you and the seagulls stay
Here, is the love, and, the Island
And this, this is my land

Going Old School

“Phoning home, never looked more complicated than when you had no coins to put into the slot!”
Gun Roswell

Going Old School

When the phone rang
There always was a pang
Heart skipping
Before finally dipping
To the cool and calm
Answer mode of yesteryear

“Roswell residence, lady of the house speaking”

The conversations often polite
There was no need for shout
The telephone remained in the same old place
Where the books with plenty of names and number remained
The good old days when no one was on
Twenty four seven! Oh come on!
It was attached with a cord to the wall
Sometimes, you wanted a moment for yourself to stall
Just yanking it out, with a evil smirk
And then went on with your chores
If anyone would dare to call
The answering machine would let them know you weren’t at home

But now, those days are gone
What remains is the nostalgia of something odd
The old telephone device
In a home museum resides
And picking up the call
On this new and nice smart phone

“Hell no!”

Pressing decline
And hey, I am felling just fine!

Architecture in Monochrome

“Tall and statuesque, the building made of glass and steel, the skies pierce with shear will”
Gun Roswell

Architecture in Monochrome

The greater beauty of the tall high rise
Is when something from the corner of an eye spies
The reflections from the higher skies
The mere stunning light of the sun shine

The colours may have faded
Into a few black and white shades
Some would even call it grey
But the impact remains the same

The tall buildings built in the present
Having the most of the times essence
Looking up in awe in feeble human existence
Standing before us all, without pretense

The modern marvels in monochromatic view
Never disappointing, never leaving in blues
Piercing the skies, this tall high rise
It has a face and a photogenic smile

Happy Face!

“For today, I am wearing my happy face” Gun Roswell

Happy Face!

Today, is a good day
Today, I am in a good mood
Today, is not like yesterday
Today, I am wearing
My happy face

Today, I try so hard
Today, I am being smart
Today, I am carefree
Today, gladness only I feel
With my happy face

Today, I am not complaining
Today, I contemplating
Today, life is a solemn joy
Today, I will only try with
Me and my happy face

Today, I won’t say no
Today, I will take things slow
Today, I am the best I can
Today, and tomorrow, I will try to
Keep on, my happy face

Today, I made promises
Today, I will keep them
Today, I will change
Today, I am myself
And form now on
I will keep on, my happy face

Mundane Monday creeping in

“It’s always darkest, on a Monday” Gun Roswell

Mundane Monday creeping in

Looking out the window
Cannot find a rainbow
Closing all the curtains
Feelings of uncertain
The weather I cannot bend
But at least I can pretend
Turning on all
The colourful lights
In my mind
It is white and bright
At least before it’s time
To make my way outside
And face, the Mundane Monday

Seated, while travelling

“Seat by the busy street or seat, by the seashore, who, could ask for more?” Gun Roswell

Seated, while travelling

Running around, in a small town
Too busy to see, and everywhere to be
Never time to stop, to really take a load off
But the exhaustion eventually catches on
And there is no more ways of staying strong
Then it’s time, and what’s about to happen ain’t no crime

Pick a seat, any of them looks really neat
Just at the local cafe close to the water’s edge
This is the place to a respite pledge
Order some juice or coffee maybe sample the local toffee
Feel the energy returning, the tired gears again churning
Soon to the streets you may want to seek
Just remember, to sometimes, take a load off on a seat

Black, is the cat

“Cat hair all over the place!” Gun Roswell

Black, is the cat

A black cat sat
In the middle of the street in ease
She did not move an inch
Not even in a tight pinch
Passers by needed to slide
This cat sitting so wide

Proud face and nose up
Nothing would her mood stop
Gazing at the skies as far as the crow would fly
The black cat’s attitude was snide
Sassy and bossy, with fur so glossy
She was the owner, the queen of this street


“Up or down, sideways and around, which ever may you may choose, do not let the perception fool you” Gun Roswell


The stairway to another floor
Or maybe, just possibly, another world
Maybe even a realm of magic
It’s really up to you, so take your pick
Do not let the looks of the thing fool you
You may go which ever direction you choose to
There is no right or wrong choice
So, better, for once, listen to that inner voice
Shut down all the other hassling noise
And then, take one step at first
Before you continue, yeah, well, there is thirst
Or maybe it is hunger, which keeps you on your toes
Only this time, forget the troubles and existing woes
It is that time, the time for an adventure
And getting to where every you may get a pleasure
Chuck out all the pre-made plans
And for once in your life, make your stance
Step to the second stair
Then let the guiding light flare
You have now started on the journey
And coming back? Well, there really is no hurry

Colour to the Monochromatic day

“Adding a splash of colour here and there, is always good” Gun Roswell

Colour to the Monochromatic day

When the dullness of the total grey
Leaves your mind in an utter dismay
Consider adding a touch of fantastic colour
At least, life will not get any duller!
The pinks, the yellows and reds
Some others may also be the best
But what ever it is
Even a small amount of it will please
So, do not hesitate
It is never, ever too late
To switch your gears from black and whites
To some nice shades of colouring smiles
Follow your instincts
Nothing you choose will stink
The world gone almost psychedelic
When a little colour you let in to it