“Up or down, sideways and around, which ever may you may choose, do not let the perception fool you” Gun Roswell


The stairway to another floor
Or maybe, just possibly, another world
Maybe even a realm of magic
It’s really up to you, so take your pick
Do not let the looks of the thing fool you
You may go which ever direction you choose to
There is no right or wrong choice
So, better, for once, listen to that inner voice
Shut down all the other hassling noise
And then, take one step at first
Before you continue, yeah, well, there is thirst
Or maybe it is hunger, which keeps you on your toes
Only this time, forget the troubles and existing woes
It is that time, the time for an adventure
And getting to where every you may get a pleasure
Chuck out all the pre-made plans
And for once in your life, make your stance
Step to the second stair
Then let the guiding light flare
You have now started on the journey
And coming back? Well, there really is no hurry

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