Going Old School

“Phoning home, never looked more complicated than when you had no coins to put into the slot!”
Gun Roswell

Going Old School

When the phone rang
There always was a pang
Heart skipping
Before finally dipping
To the cool and calm
Answer mode of yesteryear

“Roswell residence, lady of the house speaking”

The conversations often polite
There was no need for shout
The telephone remained in the same old place
Where the books with plenty of names and number remained
The good old days when no one was on
Twenty four seven! Oh come on!
It was attached with a cord to the wall
Sometimes, you wanted a moment for yourself to stall
Just yanking it out, with a evil smirk
And then went on with your chores
If anyone would dare to call
The answering machine would let them know you weren’t at home

But now, those days are gone
What remains is the nostalgia of something odd
The old telephone device
In a home museum resides
And picking up the call
On this new and nice smart phone

“Hell no!”

Pressing decline
And hey, I am felling just fine!

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