Life, Island Style

“No one, is an island, they say, but I would sure want to be alone, on an island!” Gun Roswell

Life, Island Style

When life on the shores gets too much
Since all you want to do is huff
Nothing soothes you,
Not even your favourite stuff
You simply want to get out of touch
Even the seas all might and rough
Will not deter your solution of love
Love of the life on the Island

When the days are still long
You need to stay so strong
The only thing keeping you going
Are the thoughts and images slowing
Down the pressure always growing
But then you remember again
The love of the life of the Island

Once you get there
Out in the open square
The sea and salty air
Bringing you out of all that despair
Because this, is simply the place
Where you and the seagulls stay
Here, is the love, and, the Island
And this, this is my land

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