The Palm Tree and the Fortress

Rhodes, Greece

“The vistas from a picture perfect postcard, the trees of palm surrounding the ancient built fortresses, something you don’t every day see, at least, not way up here, in the North, the land of cold“ Gun Roswell

The Palm Tree and the Fortress

A perfect view caught the eye of the weary pix snapper, while strolling along the streets of the unknown, but interesting city, the vistas each giving more to the traveller than ever been able to even imagine. 

Appreciating the scenery, some of it from nature itself, some made by those ancients, who came before us, leaving a legacy, still standing strong after times passed for so long, remaining there for a moment longer, and so, enjoying them all, before they too might be gone.

The humble pic snapper trying to preserve in pictures, places from beyond, for those coming after to be able to appreciate, making them too see, that some things are worth preserving, after all.

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