Cat vs. Dog

“A cat fight or a dog day afternoon, I say put these two together, call it, a cat-dog fight afternoon, because that is what you sometimes get with these two in one place” Gun Roswell

Cat vs. Dog

The cat, sitting quite coolly, in the left side corner
Instead of boxing gloves, the sharp nails are out in order
Carefully watching the opponent on the far right
Knowing, anticipating, the beginning of a good fight

The dog, licking it’s paws, in the right side of the ring
Unaware, of the constant stare, of the opponent so daring
Taking it’s time, then, in one swift move of the chime
The dog clear’s it’s mind and is ready for the good fight

The two so different enteritis now sparring each other
Keeping an keen eye on the one, who could cause the trouble
Moving slowly around, close enough, but still no contact
The two of them, ready, for the good fight, but still, remaining untouched

Minutes pass, maybe even an hour, but the same thing still repeats
Neither of them will attach, but neither will either retreat
It goes on and on, both of them, trying to be the one so strong
But then, something happens, as if of the ring of the bell of the dong

The two of them jump up, in one synchronized move of dare
Their eyes glare, flare gone, only the sign remains that of scare
They glance around, now both of them in common ground
The will of the good fight, all but gone and a unified stance found

Staying alert, covering each others backs
The cat and dog, low on the ground duck
Nothing seen, so far all good, maybe presuming the good fight they should
But out of the blue, there is a new clue

The air now thick with anticipation
Both cat and dog have a sense of hesitation
Fight of flight, that is the question, until, a familiar sound:

“Bingo, Spot, come get your din din!”

Rushing towards the promised reward
The cat and dog, side by side, soar
Nothing but munching sounds of soften
It seems, the age old fight all forgotten

Sharing their food in complete content and utter silence
After all, what is the point of violence
When the keeper of the cat and dog so kindly
Will do their bidding, without even whining

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