A seat in a shadowy hideout 

“Seated in a hideout, in the calming shadows, away from the scorching sun. That is part of the holiday fun” Gun Roswell 

A seat in a shadowy hideout 

The day had been quite long with the sun shining pretty strong. Luckily, the weary traveler had found the perfect of spots to make a pit stop, a perfect one, to take some load off, the tired old feet while taking a comfy seat. It was the perfect hideaway, from the busy streets of the day, in a cool and calming shadowy place, planning there for a few moments to stay. 

Without any kind of hurry on display, the traveler decided to have a moment for themselves. To enjoy a light meal, as hunger had made its feel. After all, strolling back and forth, was causing a lot of energy to be used so now, it was the best time some fuel for the body to consume. 

After a somewhat lengthy break, seated in the shadows away from the sun, it was time again to get up and about, have a few more looks around and see what there was to be found. And then later on come back to this wonderful and relaxing place for some food and drinks, as this was the best one to think of to load off.

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