Completely drained

“Sometimes things just fall down the drain and there is nothing to do except to flush the toilet and start again” Gun Roswell

Completely drained

When it all gets just a bit too much, and such, when even waking up, is a complete and utter chore, the bore of the day ahead just won’t do its thing, the moment when waking up and wanting to happily sing, just like in the movies, but who needs to be chipper all the time, especially during those times, when all is not fine and the feeling of blues, simply keeps on going, and even if saying it out loud sounds boring, that is simply the way, it is. All of it, the feelings, the power, the ol’ muscles, completely drained, like a fake battery you bought from a dollar store, fading really fast, only hoping the sensation too long won’t last, at leas, that is the goal, to get past, this sinking feeling, literally being in a sink and falling hard and deep down that curving drain, to be sucked down together with all that dirty water, and then finding oneself in the sewage with the rest of the discarded and disdained. But hey, maybe I will make some friends when down there!

Older and definitely wider (never wiser)

“Older and wiser! My ass! I think older and wider is more apt, literally, just look at it!” Gun Roswell

Older and definitely wider (never wiser)

Each and every morning I am going through the exact same boring routine
As I observe myself from the bathroom mirror, the image worse each day to be seen
All the smile caused wrinkles and here I am placing the sarcastic pair of air quotes
Well, the could be quite distinguished and simply more than fine
But it’s the other parts, which bother more as you see they are getting more and more wide
Except, well, the smile, which gets more narrow to the point of a beak of a sparrow
Smaller and duller and not like those other mentioned places, which are getting fuller and fuller
The old adage, some people still dare to say, that of getting wisdom with age?
Only it is a total sham and worse of it all is, that it came with cans of spam!
And of course I dared myself and ate the whole huge damned lot
So now I am neither the winner of the pot and I think I likely ran out of luck
As I am getting much older now, only not as I had hoped, the kind of wiser
But definitely with each and every passing day, I will be the more wider!

Are those, really, my toes?

“Staring at my own toes, for hours on end, no, I am not bored!” Gun Roswell

Are those, really, my toes?

I keep staring at them, for hours on end
But they never change, always looking the same
I tried some polish, various kinds of colours
But the crow toes, still looked pretty lame
Black, narrow, could not even catch a sparrow
Some days, I just ask myself
Why the hell do I even bother?

But then, after some rain
As I once again stand on the table so plain
Even if some people, would share the odd fry
The days I am too lazy to catch anything on the fly
I tell myself, this is not so bad
So, I really should stop feeling totally sad
Because despite by crow feet, dressed neat
All black you see, heck yeah, I look fucking cool!

Cafe side seat

“Seat at a cafe, there is so much to see, just down and start watching” Gun Roswell

Cafe side seat

Whether the weather allows
Take a seat, please, sit down
The cafe is just snug enough
For the two of us
Order something long lasting to drink
A coffee, and maybe even a doughnut to sink
Into the drink and then your mouth
And after the hardy snack
It is time to start on the people scout
Without prejudice, carefully watch
Each and everyone as they hop and scotch
Pass you by, like they were on the fly
Notice the details, the quirks
And then, dig deeper with your search
Each and everyone more unique
Never mind the looks or physics
They are all a work of art
To be realized sooner or later with a bark
The humans and animals of this place
Make up what we call some kind of race
But on this Sunday in this seat
For me, myself, observing them is totally neat


“What the hell? It’s August already, and soon, it will be December!” Gun Roswell


It’s gone!
over half way,
in just,
a small blink,
of my eye

Oh shit!
the time,
does fly!

August, you sneaked around the corner so fast
Having the power of a major bomb blast
Kicking me right there, in the very gut
Did you really think, it did not matter so much?

April, May, June, July
All those names of months, were just fine
So, why oh why, did you have to come by?
I was just preparing for summer, only to realize
It had so quickly, so unnoticed, going, going
Until gone and December will be there, so very strong

What remains for me now?
I don’t have a clue and most likely will have a cow
Well, she is standing there in the meadow
Blissfully ignorant of the eternal rant
Of seasons changing and soon, indoors
Poor her, too, will be closed

So, fair warning, dear August
Do not try to change the weather to gust
I had enough of that with plenty of dust
Let the nature and my mood be in summer
For a while longer before that old bummer
Winter strikes and then, I will loose this fight

The end,
of the year
is near
even though,
you might state,
it’s not too late,
as it’s still,
only half way,
plus a few,
before it is,
two thousand,
and twenty


The Onlooker

“The pretty face in the crowd, is bound, to draw some attention” Gun Roswell

The Onlooker

“Are you looking at me? Are you? Really looking?”

“Why else would I be here, gawking, like you were something, like really good to eat?”

“Then take a damned picture, it might last longer!”

“No, I am just happy to stand here, in the moment, sorry, if you feel it’s like tornment.”

“Oh, do you really like me or are you a little nutter?”

“Maybe both, maybe neither, but I am getting a smile here.”

As the duo continued their chatter, getting more familiar with each other by the minute, there is no telling, where to spin this tale, going strong, even without a pilot

The conversation, between the watcher and the object
When one of them, has the other one, really in check
Staring, gawking, looking taunting, maybe even a hint, of admiration
Maybe, just maybe, at some point, leading to temptation