“What the hell? It’s August already, and soon, it will be December!” Gun Roswell


It’s gone!
over half way,
in just,
a small blink,
of my eye

Oh shit!
the time,
does fly!

August, you sneaked around the corner so fast
Having the power of a major bomb blast
Kicking me right there, in the very gut
Did you really think, it did not matter so much?

April, May, June, July
All those names of months, were just fine
So, why oh why, did you have to come by?
I was just preparing for summer, only to realize
It had so quickly, so unnoticed, going, going
Until gone and December will be there, so very strong

What remains for me now?
I don’t have a clue and most likely will have a cow
Well, she is standing there in the meadow
Blissfully ignorant of the eternal rant
Of seasons changing and soon, indoors
Poor her, too, will be closed

So, fair warning, dear August
Do not try to change the weather to gust
I had enough of that with plenty of dust
Let the nature and my mood be in summer
For a while longer before that old bummer
Winter strikes and then, I will loose this fight

The end,
of the year
is near
even though,
you might state,
it’s not too late,
as it’s still,
only half way,
plus a few,
before it is,
two thousand,
and twenty


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