The Calming of Sundays

“It’s always calmest before the storm, that’s why they call it Sunday” Gun Roswell

The Calming of Sundays

The presence of calm today is lulling me to false sense of security
As, today is Sunday, I know with almost a hundred percent certainty
That it is only a fake state
Before it is too late
For me to realize
That Monday, is once again upon us
Thus, bringing the horrific storm of fuzz
The weekly strugle, the mundane strife
The grind which all of us want to escape
But, on this day, on this hour, it is much too late
The holy weekend is over
As the darkening clouds start revolving
Over our tiny heads evolving
Bringing forth images do scary
It is a miracle any of us survive
Live throughyhe night as the winds are howling
Your very essence scowling
Preaparing for the worst to come
And leaving you stunned
Too nervous to think or move
Yes, the weekly grind, the huge storm
Definitely, has you schooled
To be, act and live
By only its one rule
At least, Monday through Friday
During the weekend
It’s not a concern, how your time is spent

One thought on “The Calming of Sundays

  1. My worst time of the week used to be Sunday evening, for the reasons you have so poetically described. But now that I am retired, I can enjoy a relaxing Sunday evening every week. Old age has its benefits; you have something to look forward to! 🙂

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