Black Cat for Caturday

“The black cat crossed the road, at the traffic light” Gun Roswell

Black Cat

The familial of any self respecting witch
Witch, a female, with a black feline
Feline so agile, with a fur so sleek
Sleek as her movements you can hardly see
See when she turns up from simply out of nowhere
Nowhere like a dark flash of light
Light so dark, she’s almost invisible
Invisible against the black night
Night, as the time when the feline hunts
Hunts for pray, which better be aware
Aware if you are a rodent or other type of pest
Pest, vermin, which are eating all the crops
Crops which are important for the survival
Survival for us all, both human and animal
Animals such as cats the familial of the witches
Witches who take care of their pets
Pets, a cat, the black cat, may just be
Be, but sometimes, it can be something else
Else, other, something completely different
Different from the other, you will never see
See you just might, if you concentrate really hard
Hard and let your imagination run wild
Wile as the black cat does
Does when she wildly runs
Runs over the land and then comes
Comes back to her master the witch
Witch, where the familial only exists

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