Cafe side seat

“Seat at a cafe, there is so much to see, just down and start watching” Gun Roswell

Cafe side seat

Whether the weather allows
Take a seat, please, sit down
The cafe is just snug enough
For the two of us
Order something long lasting to drink
A coffee, and maybe even a doughnut to sink
Into the drink and then your mouth
And after the hardy snack
It is time to start on the people scout
Without prejudice, carefully watch
Each and everyone as they hop and scotch
Pass you by, like they were on the fly
Notice the details, the quirks
And then, dig deeper with your search
Each and everyone more unique
Never mind the looks or physics
They are all a work of art
To be realized sooner or later with a bark
The humans and animals of this place
Make up what we call some kind of race
But on this Sunday in this seat
For me, myself, observing them is totally neat

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