Completely drained

“Sometimes things just fall down the drain and there is nothing to do except to flush the toilet and start again” Gun Roswell

Completely drained

When it all gets just a bit too much, and such, when even waking up, is a complete and utter chore, the bore of the day ahead just won’t do its thing, the moment when waking up and wanting to happily sing, just like in the movies, but who needs to be chipper all the time, especially during those times, when all is not fine and the feeling of blues, simply keeps on going, and even if saying it out loud sounds boring, that is simply the way, it is. All of it, the feelings, the power, the ol’ muscles, completely drained, like a fake battery you bought from a dollar store, fading really fast, only hoping the sensation too long won’t last, at leas, that is the goal, to get past, this sinking feeling, literally being in a sink and falling hard and deep down that curving drain, to be sucked down together with all that dirty water, and then finding oneself in the sewage with the rest of the discarded and disdained. But hey, maybe I will make some friends when down there!

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