Blue and white moment

“The moment of blue has descended onto the crispy clean white of winter” Gun Roswell

Blue and white moment

The very late hours of the sparse daylight during the seasonal region and setting sun, in the midst of a winter’s day, in the middle of the thickest forest to be found just over the horizon before the moon rising. A place where the winter wonderland still remains in tact and do not lack the magic of the nature, where the crispy whites turning into something completely else in the changing shadows between the very cold and between light and darkness. It is the moment of blue descending without warning of any kind, just to remind of the power of the weather gods churning this time of ours. But certainly there is nobody below, daring to scorn of this very fact, as this time upon is both calming to the spirit and soothing in ways never imagined. And so, simply being there, in the dense forest of white at this point in time, would make anyone feel oh so very fine despite the cold temperatures of the winter, as simply experiencing this moment would make you all warm and fuzzy inside.

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