Night lights

“There is total comfort in the street lights when the darkness of the night descends“ Gun Roswell 

Night lights

The rain had been pouring for a long while, but for now it was finally calming down, giving, a brief moment to enjoy the evening time. The crisp and fresh feeling weather despite the overall darkness holding on like a tight tether to the weary walker outside in the complete darkness with only the street lights to on rely. For the very moment, that was simply fine, as there was enough of the brightly lit street lights to guide the solemn traveler of the night.

The reflections and the shadows on the puddles left behind of the storm now gone at least for now. Nobody else about the darkened alleyways, not even a dog walker would have dared to step outside, not because of the scare of the ever changing weather, but only because they might spot someone else there, during these antisocial times and that experience would have been more scary, than anything else the dark night would throw their way. 

Alas, the one single dare devil, keeps on walking under the shadow casting night lights, the streets now empty, the traveller is free to roam wherever they have the willpower to try. A true night dweller if anyone, only this one, keeps their pace up with all the shining night lights, unafraid of anything they might encounter, not even a fellow member of this special club of walkers in the darkness of the night.

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