The Onlooker

“The pretty face in the crowd, is bound, to draw some attention” Gun Roswell

The Onlooker

“Are you looking at me? Are you? Really looking?”

“Why else would I be here, gawking, like you were something, like really good to eat?”

“Then take a damned picture, it might last longer!”

“No, I am just happy to stand here, in the moment, sorry, if you feel it’s like tornment.”

“Oh, do you really like me or are you a little nutter?”

“Maybe both, maybe neither, but I am getting a smile here.”

As the duo continued their chatter, getting more familiar with each other by the minute, there is no telling, where to spin this tale, going strong, even without a pilot

The conversation, between the watcher and the object
When one of them, has the other one, really in check
Staring, gawking, looking taunting, maybe even a hint, of admiration
Maybe, just maybe, at some point, leading to temptation

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